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Fill the online Form 2290 for IRS tax returns. You are having a vehicle that weighs more than 55000 pounds or more, and then it is a must to pay HVUT tax. If your vehicle has used for 5000 miles or more, you must have to fill Form 2290 online. 2290 online Form provides you many services for your heavy vehicle. There are several trusted and authorized agencies that are govt approved and will fill your 2290 Form. After filling your online 2290 Form, Form filling agency will give one downloaded copy called as IRS schedule 1 copy. Keep this document in your vehicle. There is a specific date given for filling this Form online. When you fill the Form, enter the exact details about your business and all such details will also print on the copy of the IRS document. You must be taking care while filling the Form because a small mistake will return a lot.

Some of the benefits are also associated with the filling of 2290 online. One of the best is that you can easily track the status of your vehicle and also get all updates related to your vehicle. There is a specific date are assigned to fill this Form otherwise you will have to fill penalty and chance is that your vehicle registration may be canceled. So, try to fill your e file of 2290 Form before the deadline. For the heavy vehicles used on the highways, pay the appropriate tax during July and August.

For your help, we have a table which covers all the deadline for filing the online Form of 2290.

If, in this period, vehicle is first                                   Then, file Form 2290 and make payment by*      First used month shown on Form 2290

                used during                                                                                                                                                                        (Tax period 2020-2021)

July                                                                                                        Aug – 31                                                                               2020 – 07

August                                                                                                  Sep – 30                                                                               2020 – 08

September                                                                                         Oct – 31                                                                                2020 – 09

October                                                                                                               Nov – 30                                                                              2020 – 10

November                                                                                          Dec – 31                                                                               2020 – 11

December                                                                                           Jan – 31                                                                                2020 – 12

January                                                                                                                Feb – 28                                                                               2021 – 01

February                                                                                              Mar – 31                                                                              2021 – 02

March                                                                                                   Apr – 30                                                                               2021 – 03

April                                                                                                       May – 31                                                                              2021 – 04

May                                                                                                       Jun – 30                                                                                2021 – 05

June                                                                                                      Jul – 30                                                                                 2021 – 06

*Fill your 2290 application Form this date until state registration of your heavy vehicle will be due. If any of HVUT Form 2290 deadline date falls on a Sunday, Saturday, or any other legal holiday, fill your Form immediately next business day.

**These dates do not apply to the vehicles which are purchased privately. For this, you must check Tax Computation for privately purchased vehicles column.

There are several instructions given for filling 2290 Form so that you can have the idea that which documents are required to fill the Form. So, take a look at Form 2290 instructions and fill your Form. All heavy vehicle owners must fill the Form 2290 and pay 2290 tax before the deadline. For example, if a vehicle is using in the month if July of this year on the public highway, then pay the tax before August 31.

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