The global construction industry is huge. In Australia, this sector is the biggest contributor in the non-service area, and its annual contribution is $134 billion. If you are an aspiring businessman hoping to get into the construction-related industry, please continue reading this article.

Before entering this sector, you can consider buying these 5 construction transport equipment. These machines are used by all kinds of companies in the real estate/ construction sector, so you will always be in demand as long as you make use of this equipment.

1. Loaders

A loader is a machine that loads various kinds of materials into or onto another vehicle. These materials could be asphalt, concrete, building stones, sand, materials, rocks, etc. Loaders are normally used at active construction sites. If your business is closely aligned to mining, building, road, port, railway industries, etc, you should consider buying a few machines to support your business.  Or, if you don’t want to be asset-heavy, then it would be a better idea to take these machines on lease or rent.

The loader market can be segmented as follows:

a) Armoured wheel, loaders

b)Tractor front loaders

c) Compact front end loaders

d) Skid loaders and Track loaders

2. Trucks

Trucks are one of the most common construction transport equipment. Typically, a truck consists of a chassis, which is pulled by an engine. When you purchase a truck, you typically get the bare essentials of a truck. The truck you buy would usually need to be customised as per your requirements. Trucks are used to transport materials and equipment from one place to another and depending upon the strength of a truck’s tyres, it can also be used to commute to remote places.

The haulage cost in the case of a truck is quite low and you should be able to recover your truck’s operating cost quickly. Trucks come in various capacities- light, medium, heavy and very heavy. If you are looking for the right advice on trucking, perhaps you should get in touch with a specialist such as the West Trans right away.

3. Conveyor belts

These machines are used to transport lightweight material from one place to another. You may have already seen a conveyor belt at an airport. A conveyor belt rides on several wheels that rotate at the same time, and it is used to dispatch materials over long distances. Since these machines are in motion for long hours, they require periodic maintenance. There are two kinds of conveyor belts- horizontal and inclined. You can use a conveyor belt to control your discharge of material.

4. Crane

A crane is used to pick up objects which are usually very heavy, and need to be dropped at a nearby spot within a short radius.

This machine consists of a long beam, which has a hook attached to its far end. The beam or the rod is controlled by an operator seated in a cabin. Cranes are extremely versatile machines and can be used in narrow confines as well. There are 3 types of cranes:

a) Overhead

b) Tower

c) Mobile

5. RCC Mixer

This machine is widely used in construction and road industries. Construction companies use it to make concrete at the construction site itself. An RCC mixer comprises a big drum that rotates on an axis and holds a vast amount of gravel and cement. When this drum rotates, the cement and the gravel mix together and form the construction paste. An RCC mixer can be towed over short distances by attaching it to a truck or a dumper.

We hope this comprehensive list helps you to enable your construction business for larger orders and profitable prospects.

By Richard