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The MetaTrader4 platform is the most popular trading platform among traders. There are plenty of good reasons for that. Here are the biggest advantages of the MT4 platform.

Powerful Software

MetaTrader4 trading platform offers some of the most powerful trading in the world. Because of the international usage of this platform, the server is able to support hundreds or thousands of trades at a given moment while processing hundreds of different financial instruments.

Trading forex on the MT4 platform is thus incredibly accurate and precise, which means that the prices you are quoted with are given in real time.

Trading Safety and Security

All forex trading on the MT4 platform is carried out in the safest and most secure environment as trading involves transferring funds and private account information every single day.

Because of the solid security system that includes 128-bit data encryption between the trader and the server as well as the usage of RSA digital signatures, all personal data is kept out of danger from any kind of account hacking attempts.

Also, your IP address is completely masked, ensuring that the system cannot be hacked.

Technically Advanced

The MT4 platform is considered to be among the world’s most advanced pieces of trading software in the world. It enables traders to perform accurate technical analysis as it features in depth charts, algorithms, and graphs to offer real time rates at competitively priced spreads.

Additionally, automatic alerts, daily market reports, and data analysis are provided with a click of a button. This means that traders do not have to go far to receive important information and updates.

You can customize multiple charts simultaneously and analyze any custom indicators all through the convenience of the MT4 trading platform.

Full Customizability

The MT4 platform is great for traders of every level as it is totally flexible, extremely user-friendly, and fully customizable for a unique kind of trading experience.

For instance, you can add or remove the grid lines at the back of the trading platform. You can also make the bars bigger or smaller depending on your preferences, or change the bars to candlesticks for easier way of reading.

Different Trading Orders

The MT4 trading platform also meets the needs of different kinds of traders by offering different trading orders.  You can try to execute an order right away or you can place some pending orders.

You can also place trailing stops or stop loss and take profit orders, all of which are very useful features that are designed to minimize risks.

No matter how simple or complicated your trading strategies might be, the MT4 trading system enables you to implement them with ease.

Expert Advisors

The MT4 trading platform also enables traders to implement expert advisor programs if preferred, and such are specifically programmed software integrated onto the MT4. Using MQL4 language, they enable automated trading to take place and can be programmed to trade immediately through your trading account.

If you somehow find it difficult to find the time for manual trading, you can use EAs through the MT4 platform. EAs are quite popular among traders because they can be programmed based on the person’s trading preferences.

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