The beginning of the new academic year is getting closer which means that hundreds of thousands of students will be looking for accommodation for the next few months. What possibilities do they face? How to go about searching? Our guide may dispel some doubts.

The hottest period of the year on the rental market is just beginning. Attractive offers disappear like fresh rolls. Growing demand for flats, combined with their relatively stable supply, often cause rental prices to increase compared to “calmer” periods of the year. That is why it is worth choosing a flat so that you do not have to change it after a few months, or worse during the session.

Theoretically, the choice is quite large

There are dorms, homestays, student flats, renting an apartment alone or together with friends, but choosing is not so easy, and in addition time is chasing.

Renting an apartment

If you have a larger budget for accommodation, look around for renting the whole apartment. As the few can only afford to rent, for example, a studio, the most popular form is renting a group of friends, a 2, 3-room flat. Of course, such a flat will not be able to live 6 people, but even with 3 or 4 tenants, the cost of renting such an apartment can be an interesting and quite real alternative to renting a room or a place in a dormitory. As you contact Morton Place for the rooms for rent you can find best information as you click here.

If you are looking for professional help when looking for a flat to rent, or you do not have time to look through the ads and call the owners of apartments, it is worth considering asking the real estate agency to find a flat. Currently, in newspapers, it is increasingly difficult to find an offer posted directly by the owner, so when looking for a flat to rent, we need to include a commission for the agent in our budget. The fee is collected at the time of finalizing the lease, and is usually half the value of the monthly rent included in the contract (then both the tenant and the landlord pay the commission sum up, the Agency gets a commission of one monthly rent, the amount of which is included in the contract).

There are also “pretend agencies” on the market that charge a one-off fee of several hundred zlotys for providing contact details to the property owner. In fact, they are not real estate agencies, but only companies with business rights, so they may charge for sharing data.

What to look for

The most important issue is the lease agreement. If you decide to skip an agency in renting an apartment, you must remember about it. It protects the rights of the tenant and the owner of the premises, clearly defines the terms of renting and using the premises. Ready templates of lease agreements can be found on the Internet. Remember to include in this agreement all personal information, it should also contain a description of the actual / technical condition of the property, its area, whether it includes a garage or basement. The owner’s data is extremely important – it is important that he is the person with whom we will sign the contract or the landlord has a written, notarial authorization to represent the owner. We can protect ourselves by asking for a notary deed to confirm the identity of the owner of the flat.

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