If you are caught got caught driving without insurance Ontario, and in any other province in Canada, you will be fined and you could face other penalties. Driving and insurance go hand in hand. However, there are still drivers who choose to drive with no insurance, one of the many factors that lead to higher auto insurance rates.

Is Driving Without Insurance Common?

Driving without insurance is something you should never do, but it happens. More than you think. In fact, it is estimated that more than 2000 uninsured vehicles are involved in accidents each year in Ontario, and about 2% of all drivers are driving without insurance. In the U.S., it’s even more of an issue, as it’s estimated that more than 12% of all drivers are driving with no insurance coverage.

There is no doubt that if you drive without insurance, you face serious repercussions, and when discussing the topic of driving without insurance, Ontario residents are interested in three main things :

  1. Consequences : What are the consequences of driving without insurance?
  2. Punishment : What happens if you get caught driving without insurance?
  3. Fines : What is the fine for driving without insurance?

The following answers the most common questions about driving without insurance in Ontario, fines, penalties, consequences, (https://x-cops.ca/brampton/) and the potential impact on car insurance rates in Ontario.

Is Driving Without Insurance A Criminal Offense In Canada?

No, driving without insurance is not a criminal offense in Canada. It is an offense under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act of Ontario, meaning that if you are caught, you could face significant fines. Driving without insurance will not go on your criminal record.

Can You Be Arrested For Driving Without Insurance?

Driving with no insurance coverage is taken very seriously in Ontario. Even though you will not be arrested (unless you are involved in a criminal act when you are caught driving without insurance), you face a series of fines and penalties for driving without insurance.

By Richard