There is no way to have a virtual store that does not offer good experience with social networks. Being connected to Facebook, for example, is a vital condition for the success of your business and definition of the e-commerce platform.

Responsive service

Here, a very important point is the possibility of using WhatsApp as a way to contact the customer. See if the platform offers this possibility.

Mobile adaptability

Still think a good site should focus primarily on old desktops? Forget it. The mobile age is here to stay. So choose an e-commerce platform with satisfactory experience on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Regarding the Full Vertical Seed to Sale Cannabis ERP you can be perfect now.

Buy and pay without complication

Despite being a basic resource, it is one of the most important points. Some options to offer the customer are: bank slip, deposit, intermediaries and acquirers or payment gateways.

Practicality is everything

When defining what the best platform for e-commerce is, keep in mind that creating an e-commerce should be a simple process. There are options in the market that offer templates that suit your type of business and will bring better results.

One of the key points in choosing an e-commerce platform is the possibility of integration with social networks.

One of the key points in choosing an e-commerce platform is the possibility of integration with social networks. Image: Unlash

Name brings credibility

A professional and personalized domain ensures valuable points with the customer. Therefore, this is another relevant factor to know which the best platform for online store is.

More customer information

When thinking about customer experience, another key issue is shipping and delivery. To do this, see if the e-commerce platform offers connectivity to the post office, which can save the consumer time and money.

Security, safety and security

In addition to offering protection to your customers’ data, the security tools offered by your online store must also ensure that the entire sales process is monitored in real time.

Be in evidence

It’s no use worrying about what is the best platform for online store and not worrying about positioning yourself in the right market.

To learn how to stand out in this race, watch the Webinar – How to advertise your products on the internet without fear and with results. In a 100% free class, Lucas Amadeus will present the best strategies for your business profile and how to attract customers. Also, see if you can insert forms, maps, and videos that will make your ecommerce store look more attractive. Taking a closer look at the questions presented above, let’s look at some points.