Unlike amicable debt collection, court-enforcement debt collection is more effective than long-term receivables. In this case, the creditor decides to recover himself by taking steps to recover his debt. You can carry out independent debt recovery in both amicable and judicial-enforcement forms, but remember that this involves a number of activities that you need to do, taking time, monitoring the consequences of actions, and regular contact with the debtor. In case of debt recovery this is important.

The Undertaking

It is worth undertaking this effort, because active debt recovery and recovery builds your image as an economical and consistent entrepreneur and does not have to mean a worsening of relations with the debtor.

  • This debt recovery model will be the best solution for you if you have decided to recover yourself to minimize costs, but you do not feel confident in this role. To a large extent, it depends on how you take action whether the recovery will be carried out efficiently and effectively or the opposite – despite the commitment of a large amount of time it will not be possible to collect debts. The Vindicat.pl effective online debt recovery system will help you, which provides the necessary substantive facilities, provides the right tools and ensures that the debt recovery process will be carried out in accordance with the laws often changing in our country.

Online self-recovery systems allow:

  • generating letters such as: request for payment, letter on making the debtor’s data public
  • negotiations with the debtor
  • submitting a claim to the e-Court
  • filing a lawsuit with the court
  • issuing debt on the debt exchange
  • ordering bailiffs

And also provides organizational facilities, such as a schedule of activities, contact with the debtor by e-mail and sms, or individually developed debt recovery scenarios

An undoubted advantage of ordering a debt collection for a law firm is that you gain time that you would devote to conducting debt recovery yourself. Of course, you should work closely with the office and monitor your activities, but in this arrangement you can devote yourself more to running your business, while specialists deal with recovering your debts and all legal issues. This debt recovery model is generally considered to be efficient and effective, although it is usually associated with higher costs than those associated with self-recovery. However, remember that it is possible to recover expenses from the debtor, i.e. to recover at the debtor’s expense.


Recovery costs

Each of the above mentioned ways of recovery involves incurring costs. This is undoubtedly a source of your frustration as a creditor investing more amounts in the recovery of receivables that you are legally entitled to. Not all expenses can be predicted at the beginning of the road, but they will certainly increase over time, which will take debt collection. Higher bills for recovery are not a reason for happiness, but they testify to an important thing that debt collection is active, and thus gives you a better chance of debt recovery.

By Richard