Your site’s front-of-house should be attractive and professional. It should include a professionally designed entrance mat with your logo. Visitors will feel welcomed even before they approach the reception desk. A strategically placed, high-quality, branded mat can greatly assist your company. Here are our top five.

First Thoughts And Reactions

The entrance mat you have provided is what customers and guests will first see when they enter your business. It helps to put customers at ease and sends a message that your company is also fashionable, clean, and professional if you have a professional-looking, neat, and cleanly maintained mat.

A logo mat made to order will be more attractive and welcoming than a plain mat. It will also make the first impression that the customer receives that much more favorable. You can choose the size of the logo mat you want for your entry. This will increase the professional air of your establishment.

Brand Reinforcement

Logo floor mats can help you unify your branding and make your customers and visitors more aware of your business. If your company is well-marketed, your brand may be integral to your overall marketing strategy.

An outdoor mat branded with your logo will help you stand out from your neighbors. This is a great addition to your existing signs. Remember that people tend to look down when walking so that they may look at your logo.

Clean And Dry Floors

An entry mat with a high-quality logo should still be usable as a mat. It should dry shoes and be washable. This is a must for any entrance mat. This will keep your floors clean and dry, improving the atmosphere. This also helps to decrease the risk of costly and potentially dangerous slips and falls.

A mat should be at least 80 cm deep and at least twice as wide as the entrance to your house. This is a good rule to follow. Most people can take a natural step with both their feet on the mat simultaneously without stopping their stride.

It Was Worth It

A professional-grade logo branded mat can last many years, usually five to ten years, depending on the particulars. You should pay attention to the qualities of high quality and lasting mat: nitrile rubber backing, multi-year guarantee, and simple cleaning instructions.

It is worth spending extra money on personalized entrance mats if you plan to install one (which you should). This will create a positive first impression for your business.

Use Off-Site

Bring your branded mat along the road to add a professional flair to your appearances at trade shows, demonstrations, and in-store promotions. Many mat suppliers also offer ColorStar® Impressions Logo Mats that can be thinner and more affordable. These mats are great for making your demonstration or booth stand out.

It is not necessary to use your company logo only. It is possible to alter your mat to reflect a particular event, such as the launch of a new product, the commemoration or running of special promotions, or simply to draw attention to a specific aspect of the service or product you offer.

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