From the #MeToo movements to ‘Women’s Day Off’ movements worldwide, women empowerment is on the rise in the 21st century. According to a survey by the United Nations, the gender gap in the labour force among adults over the 20 years has come to a standstill. Even now, only a miserly 62 percent of women are in the labor force, whereas there’s an overwhelming 93 percent of men. 

Change needs to be done daily, in your lives, in your actions, in business culture and in everything you do and feel. We’re bringing you a particular course of action to inspire women to achieve big in their lives, professionally and personally. 

  • Give women responsibility: 

To bring about a significant change we must see a considerable shift in the mindset of people. Women should be motivated to gain confidence and achieve leadership roles in a company culture through a change in mindset. This inspiration can only come by giving women enough responsibilities and roles within an organization. 

Women should be empowered with responsible decision-making. Such measures will also ensure that a woman will grow and feel inspired not just in a professional environment, but also in their personal lives. 

  • Lend support: 

To create inspiration for women to achieve more in their lives, it’s essential to understand what needs to be provided. Creating inspiration can be of many forms. It’s critical to provide support and a comfortable hand from time to time. Leaders should also hold disobedient subordinates accountable for justifiable action against women. If a woman employee is pessimistic about stepping up for big projects, provide the necessary motivation and confidence.

It could be in the purest forms of giving opportunities to grow. It could be not undermining a woman for her work just because it’s a woman, and our traditionally-infused masculinity doesn’t allow a woman to grow in her career.

  • Call out inappropriate behavior:

From uncomfortable sexist jokes to catcalling, women historically have faced such misconduct and harassment throughout their lives. Men need to take a stance in such situations in workplace culture and not just be a silent spectator. When such situations happen right in front of your eyes, call it out. Make sure there’s some punishment for the guilty. It could be as simple as politely asking that person to refrain from doing so henceforth or taking it to the right authorities. 

  • Appreciate women:

Major corporations around the globe also must ensure specific steps are undertaken. 

It’s essential to provide constructive feedback. Women should also be recognized for their efforts and be provided with the appropriate feedback. Major steps such as flexible working hours to allow a woman to facilitate their family commitments should also be implemented, 

Showing a crystal-clear path to being a leader will help a woman understand what needs to be done. Give them examples of previous cases of successful women so that there’s a sense of familiarity for a woman. 


The bottom line is that we’re living in a generation where women’s empowerment continues to rise. However, specific hard calls and delegation of equal roles and responsibilities must be offered to allow a woman to be on equal terms. 

By Richard