How to Check your Car Loan Eligibility before applying for one

Everyday dependency on digital-banking is increasing with more and more people using smartphones to access their bank accounts and enable online services. Online banking helps customers perform simple transactions such as checking account balances, making payments, transferring funds, getting notifications, and managing credit cards in less time than they would take by visiting the bank. With a mobile banking app, you can carry out these transactions anytime, for it is available 24/7.

A credit card used in the right way can help you borrow money at a low or no cost. The IFDC FIRST Bank mobile app helps manage your credit card effectively. You can:

  • View your credit card transactions 

If you own any of the IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards such as the FIRST Millennia, FIRST Classic, FIRST Wealth, and FIRST Select, you can view the account details and check the transactions effected. The option ‘menu’ on the transaction screen helps you manage your bank credit cardsuccessfully. Using the income and expenditure analyser, you can sort the transactions and keep track of your expenses. 

  • Pay your credit card bills on time

One of the reasons for the increasing use of a mobile bank application is it facilitates instant payments through various methods like NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, and BHIM UPI. You can make the payments through the Presentment billers or Payment billers option. With the former method, you can pay the entire credit card bill amount by setting up the ‘AutoPay’ option, and the latter method allows you to make ‘Ad-hoc’ payments or have a schedule to pay your bills. These methods save you from paying late-payment charges.

For making instant payments, you can use the ‘QuickPay’ option. Being a one-time payment method, it doesn’t require any registration.

  • Import and view statements

The mobile banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank offers you a feature to view all your credit card statements. All you have to do is choose the period from which you want the credit card statement and import it to regulate your expenses and invest money to grow your savings.

  • Block stolen or lost credit card

If you happen to lose your bank credit cardyou can temporarily block your card and account before cancelling it completely. This will help you to reuse your card if you find it later. The app helps you to unblock and carry out the transactions again. If you fail to find your credit card, you can cancel it and apply for a new card. Though your credit card account will be active all further transactions will be on hold. 

  • Manage your credit limit

IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app allows you to manage your credit limit by increasing or decreasing it. Nevertheless, increasing the credit limit requires approval from the bank, which depends on your credit score and personal circumstances.

Using the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, you can link any credit cards and manage them easily. The app with its credit card net-banking facility, helps you to access any information about credit cards like your credits, cash advances, reward points, balance transfers, purchases, interest charges, payments, and fees. You can also redeem your reward points on the mobile banking app. 

By Richard