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In order to protect themselves from the wrath of wayward employees, employers must take steps to control them. Employers are legally responsible for the behavior of their workers. This is because they are the custodians of the company’s reputation, and as such, they must do all in their power to protect that reputation. Here are some tips to help businesses protect themselves from irresponsible employees.

First, conduct a background check on prospective employees. One case involved a furniture company that failed to run a background check on its delivery man. When he arrived at the customer’s home and assaulted her with a knife, she sued the company. This case has made employers liable for not doing a proper background check on potential employees. Performing a background check can help eliminate risky employees and show careless hiring practices.

Another example of how liability shields protect employers from workers is the use of mandatory liability waivers. Unions have pushed against these legislations because they fear they will lead to an increase in reckless behavior. Some businesses have complied with these laws, and some have even been forced to shut down due to the crisis. The New York Stock Exchange even mandated liability waivers and temperature screenings. They also required plexiglass barriers.

State attorneys general also play a vital role in protecting workers’ rights. Some attorneys general have begun stepping up their work to help employers avoid pitfalls. During the coronavirus pandemic, for example, several state attorneys general took action to protect workers. If you want to protect your business from workers, make sure you contact a state attorney general. They may have the power to take action against employers who don’t follow their laws.

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