Slipping, falling or tripping is a common accident not only in children but also in adults. Perhaps no person who has not experienced getting bruised by a nasty fall. While getting hurt from these cases is nothing new to you, there are instances when you can ask the help of personal injury lawyers in  Brisbane to get claims from the establishment the accident took place.

Damaging and Deadly

Slips, trips, and falls resulted in thousands of preventable injuries. Data from Safe Work Australia website reveals that over the 12 years between 2003-2015, 56% of these mishaps that were caused by environmental factors such as negligence on the part of the owner of supermarkets, shopping centres, retail centres and footpaths of a building or property.

These seemingly simple incidents resulted in severe damages to the body like cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations, which can lead to injuries or disabilities. Worse, the statistic said that some 386 workers died because of these accidents during the period.

Compensations Claims You Can Receive

In the agency’s data, these incidents account for around 23% of serious claims. This statistic means that nearly one-fourth of the claimants cite slips, trips or falls as the reason for their injury. But you cannot just receive any money from the negligent party. According to the compensation law, you need to prove to the property owner that you are a victim of their wrongful or negligent act.

If you have a valid reason, you can hire demand for the following compensations:

  • Pain and suffering caused by the accident and loss of your conveniences in life.
  • Lost earnings which include loss of income when you’re nursing your injuries, the future income you should have received if you hadn’t suffered the injury, and loss of superannuation payments.
  • Hospitalisation, treatment, and medication bills you paid for and would likely settle in the future
  • Care costs, which include past and future care
  • Out of pocket payments
  • Interests you incurred from the expenses listed above.

Compensation claims that you get from accidents and injuries coming from an improper or negligent act on properties are often called public liability claims.  In pursuing your public liability claim, you should hire competent personal injury lawyers that can assist you during the entire legal proceedings.

Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Of the many injury attorneys in your area, who among them can provide you with outstanding service? Here are the steps in choosing the professional who can defend your right for compensation:

  • Check their experience, particularly in injury compensation matters.
  • Create a shortlist of qualified attorneys based on recommendations, online search engines, and lawyer directories.
  • Contact the office of the lawyers and set for a meeting
  • Before the meeting, you should be ready with a list of relevant questions and supporting documents you can use as evidence.
  • During the conversation with the lawyer, check for qualifications, credentials, experience and skills in handling compensation cases. Whenever possible, look for a no win no fee lawyers.

You can receive compensation claims from injuries caused by negligence others if you have a competent lawyer by your side. Just see to it that the professional has the right qualities, experience and credentials for the role.

By Richard