Sustainability / Environment

There has been a significant push across the high street to meet the expectations of an increasingly sustainable world. Customers are now actively seeking out businesses that not only match their moral position on environmentalism but that can also inspire new options. And, as climate concerns and carbon footprints become increasingly more commonplace in daily discussion, the development toward sustainable shopping is accelerating. 

For retailers who have not yet taken steps to introduce sustainable options and operations within their stores, it is only a matter of time before they are ultimately left behind as competitors outshine and, ultimately, outsell their business. This is why, even those who are potentially intimidated by the cost of change, should begin making sustainable decisions. Besides, as time goes on, investing in sustainable retail options can actually boost sales.

Carbon Footprints

When considering a store’s carbon footprint, it is essential to remember that a store’s carbon cost is not entirely its own. Shoppers make decisions based upon how brands and businesses complement their life. If a customer shops at a store that is carbon costly then, by proxy, their own shopping trip becomes environmentally unsound too. 

This is why retailers are making haste to improve sustainability practices because as shoppers begin to prioritise brand efforts even more so than the products themselves, it becomes a dealbreaker for many, with people wanting to be associated with the progressive efforts of retail companies they support.

Emphasised Design

Simply being more sustainable, however, is not entirely enough to showcase retail efforts toward environmental improvements. A high street store must also emphasise its progress through its retail design too. 

To do this, a shop should not be afraid to mount its achievements on stand offs and display the carbon benefits of its products within its merchandising. Regular customers will be pleased to learn more about how their spend is making a positive impact while new customers will be drawn to the positive first impression green information can have.

Green Advertising

As customer culture begins to place a greater emphasis on sustainable shopping, there are a number of third party groups actively highlighting the benefits of supporting certain businesses. To be associated with such lists and marketing can have a substantial impact on sales, increasing a brand’s reach to new audiences. 

And, for those who fail to make such an effort, there are an increasing number of reports naming and shaming businesses that remain staunch against environmental progress. This information, when public, can have a detrimental effect on sales and should be avoided at all costs.

Word Of Mouth

Products are not only purchased by individuals for themselves. A number of purchases are made for other people and it is important to account for growing green interest as a result. Seasonal sales are, as such, a huge part of business and can be a great introduction to a brand. By making efforts to advertise your sustainable design and brand, you reach not only your immediate customer base but also new ones too.

By Richard