While talking and thinking about rummy game, a question arises in the mind that whether playing rummy online is legal or not. If want to answer in a single word, then “Yes” it is legal. Even when one plays rummy for cash online, then it is also legal. From the definition of gambling, gaming legislation in each and every state in India with the exception of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana exempt “games of mere skill”. “A rummy game is a skill game and not meant for gambling” the Supreme Court states that in 1967.       

Over the past few years, the decision of the apex court was quoted by the various high court and states that the Rummy Games played with stakes cannot interfere by the law enforcement authorities. In 1996, a bench of three judges of the Supreme Court affirmed its judgement in 1967. It ruled that games including massive and predominant degree of skill fall within the definition of ‘games of absolute skill’ and added that pony up on horseracing is a game of skill exterior the extent of gambling.

The observations by the Madras High Court order which states rummy for stakes is illegal, did not survive and considered that the order to be withdrawn in 2015 by the Supreme Court. It was stated by all the different judgements of Supreme Court noted that the game of skill is a crucial right under the constitution of India and on the other side, it cannot be prohibited. Based on the opinions of various legal experts as well as jurists who state that online rummy is not at all illegal in India. Online websites allow players to play Indian rummy from all states and union territories in India other than Assam, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana. Since the legislation related to gaming in Assam and Odisha do not exempt games of skill, presently they do not permit residents of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana to play real money rummy.

As per the lines states by the Supreme Court “play rummy online is not gambling as it involves skills and is quite legal”. So the persons who are playing any kind of card game such as rummy and poker that involves skill need not to be worried as this is not a part of gambling. Under the name of brag and flush, the three card games are entirely dependent on chance and therefore, these are not safe. These types of games involve steep luck instead of skill, so playing these for money comes under gambling.     

in 1968, the Supreme court states that a game of skill is rummy as it needs picking as well as cancelling of cards. It is a smart trick to memorize the card that other players are discarding and pick up the same that helps to win the game. Calculate the odds to win and thus, the court bring the online websites of rummy out of its extent, even the stakes of cash is high it does not matter.   

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