There are two excellent foundations of ITIL and PMP in terms of popular project management skills. But what is the best choice between them? IT professionals have long believed that both of them are the opposite. In most organizations, process ITIL process owners and IT office management is not interconnected and use different concepts. While both sectors focus on providing IT users with values and capabilities, they focus on different perspectives. However, the IT project-managers emphasize the design, planning, and execution of IT projects in a way that ensures the delivery of quality projects within the required timeframe and budget. In contrast, ITIL emphasizes a lifecycle approach, although many organizations focus on ITIL’s efforts to navigate and work through the lifecycle process. Apply for your pmp certification in bangalore now to know more.

PMP vs. ITIL Certification

 Project Management Professional (PMP) managed by regulations and bodies of the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a recognized certificate that affects the business plans of IT professionals in various fields. Moreover, many businesses have adopted the strategy of QuickStart’s PMP online training course in order to get full command of their projects. Whereas, ITIL certification training defines the processes, lists, and tasks that are useful for communicating with your business strategy, adding value, and maintaining consistency. The ITIL Foundation certification introduces the key elements, concepts and lifecycle concepts of a popular ITIL service.

Who is applying for PMP and ITIL Certifications?

PMP certification can be applied by experienced project managers with at least 3 years of experience totaling 4,550 hours and a postgraduate diploma. Must have previous project management and leadership experience and be recognized with 35 hours of formal project management training, whether in the classroom or online. ITIL certification does not require education and training qualifications, business executives, IT professionals, business owners or other interested users can do so. ITIL Certification is also aimed at current PMP owners who wish to acquire more PMP or provide additional knowledge in IT management units.

PMP or ITIL – Which One is For You?

These two certifications are not reciprocal and depend on the service industry that guides your career schedule. For example, IT service project managers would benefit from both. While most players in your geographical location require ITIL certifications as their primary criterion, select one. On the other hand, if they adopt the PMBOK framework, they seek better qualifications for PMP. PMP’s are considered a bit tricky, but an ITIL agency that takes a project manager to intermediate and second-tier ITILs is a great help for PMPs updating references. In most cases, IT managers try to obtain both certificates for complete information. If you want to grow your business for a long time and want to know more about the IT business, PMP is a better bet.

Project Managers Strive to Become ITIL Professionals – Why?

Recently, any new change or concept of service can be implemented in an organization as a project. Projects usually have a start date and an expected or due date. An ITIL certification training can help the project manager design, and refine the service that must be followed during the project and for the project to succeed. Projects usually have internal and external suppliers to supply the necessary equipment. ITIL training helps employees maintain good relationships with suppliers regarding contracts and support services. While there are many theories that project managers make the final decision based on the processes or knowledge of content experts, the reality is that they cannot rely solely on the views of qualified people as they must try to award their awards. 

In contrast, an ITIL-trained or ITIL-certified project manager in a variety of areas such as service policy, service design, service delivery, and continuous service improvement can have important different knowledge of challenge times and can help staff improve project success. ITIL may be a better choice for many project managers as they can work on projects focused on project management in an emergency. If a key person, such as a transformation manager, misses the meeting, he or she can cover it. The most important elements that ITIL training can provide are:

  • The importance of managing change
  • Ability to manage problems, and cases
  • Adjust the service level
  • Keep records of all services by profession
  • Preparation to adopt an IT infrastructure that changes as changes occur 

Although projects may consist of different departments and use different terms, a project manager with ITIL training or ITIL certification can develop plans to use common concepts according to ITIL guidelines. This program acts as the best platform to create the right department that can be customized for each department.

Project Manager: Expert or Non-expert?

There is a widespread argument as to whether a project manager must be an expert on the content of the project in order to achieve this. After all, there are experts you can call on to help you with your project. But if you want to make good decisions, you may need technical knowledge. It must be balanced with the answer. It is recommended that you do not have to be an expert in everything you do. That would be impossible. But you do need some knowledge and understanding. This makes ITIL a valuable learning base. A good project manager must have extensive knowledge to combine his/her leadership and management skills with some relevant technical skills. So, you may have your own ITIL specialist, but you need enough information to understand the context in which they advise you. 

The relevance of ITIL to Project Managers

One of the elements that help introduce new concepts is the growing awareness that no IT method or element can be alone. Understanding the broader perspective of information technology will help us all do our jobs better. This results in more diverse training in previously specialized training sites. For example, it was glad to help you bring ITIL training to more prominent places in training and project management, such as the PMP online training course. Of course, there is synergy in both directions: good project management is required for the proper use of ITIL and the success of IT management.

Why ITIL Framework is Valuable?

Most good frameworks are based on common sense and the ideas we use on a daily basis. Formulating them in a more focused environment helps us to better understand these processes, attitudes, and behaviors. And then it helps us implement them into our business. This allows us to move away from the need to view methods and frameworks as sophisticated specialized tools for specific business situations. Instead, we should view these proposals in a broad sense and as an easy way to provide quality and powerful services. Get your pmp certification today to know more.

By Richard