Using Salesforce, you can also create apps. Salesforce mobile apps allow users to manage and access CRM data from your mobile or tablet device. Salesforce apps can be developed for both android as well as iOS devices. Salesforce apps are also secure just like web applications. With the rise of mobile users and internet connectivity, salesforce app development is also in huge demand. This article will teach you on how to build your first salesforce app in brief.

Understand about Salesforce App in Detail

  • The Salesforce app is set of tabs which work together to offer the functionality
  • The salesforce application can be a container that is logical for all the objects tabs, process, and services related to a particular business task
  • The apps can be customised to suit the way we work , or create new applications by combining tabs for custom and standard tabs.
  • A customised app consists of a description, name and an ordered list of tabs, and possibly the creation of a logo or landing page.
  • Salesforce offers standard applications including sales, call centre Marketing, Community and many more.
  • The users can toggle between applications by using’s apps drop-down menu located at the top right corner on every page.
  • There are two kinds of Salesforce applications. One is custom-built and the second one is called Cloud Service Console.
  • A Salesforce app’s main job is to handle customer data. Salesforce applications offer a straightforward user interface to access customer details kept in objects (tables). By connecting fields, apps also assist in developing relationships between things.
  • Apps have a collection of connected tabs and items that the user may see.

Thus, Salesforce apps are beneficial in numerous ways and you can learn it through the Salesforce training institute in Pune to build a strong career in salesforce.

Why should you begin developing Salesforce applications for the AppExchange?

Over 4,600 cloud computing apps and other ready-to-install solutions are available on the Salesforce AppExchange, making it the industry leader. It serves as a location for Salesforce Partners to create and publish Salesforce extensions. You can achieve significant business outcomes quickly and expand Salesforce to any location by using Salesforce’s AppExchange marketplace. According to Salesforce more than 88 percent of Fortune 100 companies use at minimum one Salesforce App and 71 percent of Salesforce customers regularly utilise apps from the AppExchange.

Stepwise procedure to build the first salesforce app

  • Learn salesforce programming via Salesforce courses in Pune.
  • Join the Salesforce Communities
  • Design an Architecture for your app
  • Get ready with the app documentation
  • Append salesforce tabs to the app and sign the partnership agreement with the salesforce
  • Finish the security reviews of your salesforce app
  • Resolve the bugs and issues and then publish the app on app exchange.
  • Promote your app.

Important tips to keep in mind for salesforce app development

  • Know the purpose of your app and then design the rough sketch first.
  • Look for the right tools or take the guidance from online courses.
  • Always make sure to test your app in various environments.

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