There is essential office furniture such as a desk, an armchair, storage furniture and others that you will find on which may seem more secondary, but which can enhance the comfort of your employees and therefore ultimately have all their importance as the keyboard tray which allows adopting the right position and thus avoiding certain health problems. Ergonomics is of great importance in this area where you remain static behind your work table for many hours. Workflow can also be improved with outdoor furniture where teak garden furniture has scored hugely to provide satisfactory sit and eat, read, and discuss furniture solutions for over 10 years.

List everything you need in terms of office furniture so that you don’t forget anything and plan in sufficient quantity so that each employee can have everything they need to work efficiently and in good conditions. As you click here the entire choice of furniture collections are there.

The essential criteria

Once these steps are over, all you have to do is choose from all the existing models that you can put in your workspace. You must then ensure that your office furniture meets certain criteria such as:

Safety: The safety of your employees must be your priority, so it is advisable not to opt for a sharp angle office. Similarly, the office chair must be very stable even if you swing on it. The cabinet which contains the files has a lot of weight to support, it must be resistant and stable so as not to tip over when it is full.

Adaptability: Adequate dimensions, the possibility of adjusting the seat in height, an optimal volume for the legs under the work table are important aspects to avoid your employees from taking bad positions which can cause back pain or some MSDs.

Resistance and durability: A purchase of office furniture is made for several years, so it is recommended to opt for high quality materials so that it retains its initial appearance for a long time and that it perfectly withstands use.

Respect for the environment: It has become a preferred aspect for many professionals. If you make this choice, you must therefore ensure the origin of the wood which must come from sustainably managed forests, but also to use varnishes or paint with a limited content of heavy metals and to choose recyclable materials.

Resistance & Durability:

An office furniture purchase is planned to last at least 5 years, or even 10 years or more… The safety criteria for the user must be ensured over this entire period. But after 6 months of use what becomes of a seat if the foam padding collapses or if the fabric is completely grated, if the table top discolours or is completely worn. The characteristics of an office seat, a work or storage table must retain all of its freshness and initial appearance. If European standards are strict on maintaining safety performance over time, maintaining appearance over time is an additional requirement that is not provided for.


It is now proven that office furniture that respects our environment is not more expensive, is not less comfortable or durable, and can be just as beautiful.

By Richard