Moving a house is already a hassle and adding more to your plate will be the last thing you will want. Preparing a move at your current home is all we think about when we plan a move but lots of other tasks are needed to be done at your new house too.  If you put these key tasks off, it will be harder to tackle them in the long run. You can follow the tips given below before moving in and you’ll be able to start a stressfree life in your new home.

Change the Locks of All the Doors and Wardrobes

Before moving into your new house, make it a secure place for your family. Change the locks of all the doors and wardrobes of the house

Check for leaks

Double-check that there should be no leaks in your new house, once you are sure of no leakage, you can give yourself peace of mind. Check your water meter immediately after entering your new home and then wait two hours then check your meter again. It should read exactly the same, make sure no one is using your water connection and if it doesn’t, you have a plumbing leak. Try to deal with it right away.

Consider Changing the Toilet Seats

You can also consider getting your toilet seats changed due to hygienic reasons. It will also enhance your feeling of belongingness to the new house. You can even simply replace the parts which need repair.

Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Check all the safeguards of your house before you get into it. Go to your new place with a box of batteries and test every smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector before moving in. If any repair or servicing is required, get it done beforehand.

Check All the Switch Plates

Check for any mismatched outlets, dirty and discoloured cover plates, and rusted or damaged air vent covers.

Get All the Mechanical DevicesCleaned and Serviced

Heating and cooling systems need to be cleaned and serviced on regular intervals so getting this done is important. Call the technical and professional people to do so. You can always ask your neighbours for recommendations.

Locate Breaker Box and Shutoff Valves

Locate your main water shutoff and gas shutoff valves before moving in. It is extremely important to know their location to tackle any emergencies in future.

Clean All the Closets

Before you unload your dishware and clothes, clean everything thoroughly. Clean all other cabinets and closets too.

Tackle All the Maintenance Issues

Look for all kinds of maintenance requirements at your new house. Check for any clogged drains or leaking faucets. Flush your water heater to clear out any sediment and check if your air filters need to be replaced. Don’t forget to set in a maintenance calendar from your move-in date to have an updated house all the time.

Get the House Cleaned from Professionals

You can consider getting your house thoroughly cleaned from professional before you move in. This will help you in setting the house early than usual plus professional cleaners also make sure that the house is pest free.

While you take help from the best moving companies to move your belongings safely from one place toanother, you must also ensure that the house you take them in is safe for them. Use these tips and make your house safe before you move in.

By Richard