Productivity refers to how we prefer to be efficient and provide room for continued improvement. It means we are trying to be more efficient in the works we want to do but it is often avoided due to procrastination. Everyone aims for a productive life but it is easier said than done. It is one of the many problems faced by many due to laziness and we tend to avoid the efficient life that we have been longing to achieve. Due to the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, remote work is gaining high momentum and the rush for attaining productivity in our lives has become a priority over others. Changing sleeping patterns, unhealthy food habits can take a serious toll on all people. The major problem is faced by the managers who often have to keep track of the productivity of the people which is an added hardship due to the increasing timeline of lockdown and the increasing pace of the work from home scenarios.

 Identifying the roadblocks to a productive life!

            Roadblocks are different for different persons. It is increasing day by day due to the increasing reasons that we give ourselves to satisfy our laziness. Some of the most faced problems to achieve a productive life:

  1. Getting adapted to the work-from-home scenario: No matter the modifications made to a home-based environment to suit the office types, it comes with its cons. Food cravings, no specific monitoring, no regulations, improper work schedules are some of the reasons that serve as difficulties in a work from home setup.
  2. Hindered access to information can be identified as one of the problems that lie in our way. Internet networks may not be at the same speed and accessible to all which affects office work and the creation of many lazy habits.
  3. Lack of proper office space in homes leads to improper handling of office work.
  4. Lack of monitoring networks to assess the proper functioning of employees.

Solutions to the roadblocks

Managers can make sure of the following points to help their employees to achieve the path of productivity.

 1) Employee monitoring software can be installed in the respective devices to create a sense of compliance and regulation

Work examiner is a good option to try to ensure the monitoring framework for the employees and it is known to have good customer ratings and reviews.

2) Ensure proper remuneration to the employees to boost employee motivation

 3) Reducing the number of working days.

 4) Increasing team catch-up and increasing the morale of employees can be quite beneficial to improve overall productivity.

5) Motivating the employees for their work and the team can ensure a proper reward and recognition program.

By Richard