Travelling can be a big pain especially when it comes to large luggage and chances of having accidents or other issues during travel. Searching for the best travel insurance options is also a very tiresome task that most avoid altogether or leave in the hands of the travel agency as part of the booking. While these options are not in favor of the travelers, it only ends up making your work easier.

Traveling in international waters more than often requires you to carry travel insurance to ensure the safety of your possessions and yourself in the unexpected event of any accidents or hazards. Now, these are the basic questions you need to consider while applying for travel insurance or even looking out for the best travel insurance that will fit your requirements.

  1. What is the nature of your trip?
  2. Are you traveling alone or with family or as a group?
  3. What age category do you fall into? Young? Middle Aged? Senior Citizen?
  4. What is the duration of your trip?
  5. What target do you intend to cover?

Once these questions are answered you will have a general idea of what kind of travel insurance to apply for.

Types of Travel Insurance To Lookout for:

Travel agencies only give you a general cover with a minimal claim, while a proper insurance claim will cover individual covers for specific travel-related issues and claims. Some countries insist on having at least basic travel insurance as required by the state tourism department. Here are the different types of travel you can look out for while planning your journey:

  1. Travel Medical Insurance

This type of travel insurance is generally taken by tourists and other passengers who are arriving in the state on a visit visa. In general, this insurance covers emergency medical care, unforeseen sickness or any injuries and accidents which could occur post the effective date of the policy issued.

In addition to this clause, the cover also provides aide for emergency medical evacuation or critical conditions such as repatriation of remains, loss of checked-in baggage, any accidental death or dismemberment and any other emergency help.

  1. Group Travel Medical Insurance

These insurance packages are much similar to the individual plans, except that they are approximately 10% cheaper than the latter and are applicable only in a group of minimum 5 members or more. This will always be a better option when you are traveling as a large group and are looking to get a good rate with all the benefits included.

  1. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Most business officials and travelers require traveling multiple times through the year wherein multi-trip medical insurance will prove to come in handy. Mostly such trips get limited to around 30, 45 or 70 days together. At HLAS you are sure to find tailored insurance for multiple trip plans.

  1. Trip Cancellation Insurance

A most sought after concept, the trip cancellation insurance does its rounds around the globe with both the aviation department and travelers on almost a daily basis. Because either the flights get delayed or passengers require to postpone or cancel their plans for personal reasons. Travel agencies make it a point to keep tickets non-refundable or charge a steep unreasonable price on account of the cancellation fee. Having cancellation insurance keeps you covered even through non-refundable tickets and prepaid trip charges.

All about Travel Protect 360

At HLAS, we customize our insurance offers to personally to suit individual travelers based on their nature of travel. We claim Travel Protect 360 to be the best travel insurance because of the following simple reasons:

  • We are sincere in our service
  • We provide ready assistance to claims made by the insurant
  • We empathize with every one of our clients
  • We offer extensive travel inconvenience benefits
  • Our Customer Care is top-notch and one to one.

Why Choose HLAS

Now, HLAS is an established and leading member of the Hong Leong syndicate. With an authentic license to provide their insurance services, They aim to stick to their core values. They strive to ensure only the highest quality in all the services they offer to their clients. They are very particular about running their business with extreme integrity and honor while nurturing new concepts that are committed to innovation.

You will find yourself welcomed with a warm sense of satisfaction and social responsibility, ensuring harmony and peace as you bond with our experienced staff. Not only will you feel confident about your decisions, but you will also find yourself well informed and aware of all the benefits and liabilities involved in getting insurance as well as have a comparative study of various packages that could suit you. Because they only thrive to give you the best travel insurance that you deserve and get you your money’s worth.

By Richard