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When it comes to choosing a suit, there’s now an endless amount of combinations the market has to offer and picking the right one can be a challenge. Suits are smart, office staples and while the silhouette remains largely unchanged, there have been a series of evolutionary moments for the classic tailored suit. Locations across the globe have become hotspots for investing in the best quality elements of a suit. 

We’re about to embark on a tour around the world to help find the best quality suit parts…

Tailored suit trousers  

Lets begin our journey to creating the global suit by finding the best pair of tailored trousers. The UK is undoubtedly home to some of the best tailoring services available, and a well-fitting pair of trousers is an essential way to start piecing your look together. Head down Jermyn Street in London and find CT Shirts if you’re looking for a superb pair of suit trousers. The company has established a legacy as a powerhouse in tailoring since its origins in the 1730s. Charles Tyrwhitt’s range of suit trousers includes multiple fits and styles, and in recent years the brand has developed its material technology to introduce crease resistant products to its range.  From timeless blue hues to the ever-popular Prince of Wales. 

Tailored suit jackets 

There is an endless ray of options for specially designed jackets available when travelling through the eastern hemisphere, specifically Hong Kong. The city is renowned for its impeccable, competitive tailoring methods and products. Whether you remain in the central district or venture towards the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong is thriving with choice — making it the perfect place to pick up a bespoke suit jacket. The tailoring culture in Hong Kong differs massively from that in the UK (so does the weather, so you can leave your umbrella at home), and you’ll find a plethora of tailors willing to take walk in appointments ready and armed with a tape measure. The choice of fabrics in traditional tailors in Hong Kong is also astounding. You will be able to create a jacket which truly represents your own individual style. 

In addition to this, Asian tailors have a remarkable reputation for producing high quality garments quicker than what it takes to do in the western world.  

Lets not forget Dress Shirts 

Despite the shirt not being an all important factor to consider when wearing a suit, it has the unknowing ability to tie an entire look together. It is vital for your comfort when you’re wearing your suit, so you will want to invest in a piece crafted from good quality fabric. Take a trip to Egypt and benefit from Egyptian cotton, known locally as ‘white gold’. Its production rates have risen in recent years, and it is a luxurious choice for a mens dress shirt. Egyptian cotton items are made from a high-quality long staple fibre making it soft, strong and stress resistant. It is also resists pilling, and with the right care these garments can have a long lifespan. 

And finally, Ties 

The most molecule of details that are imprinted on your suit can be the biggest determining factor of your choice of tie, several of the finest hand-made ties are from France, Italy and the UK. In France and Morocco, sevenfold ties are finished in soap, and many styles feature a pleat or even rhinestones encrusted into their design. Italian ties are known for their luxurious details, with some even including gold chains. Charles Tyrwhitt’s range of luxury English ties are crafted from some of the finest UK sourced silk, helping you to tie your look together in the best way possible.  

So, go global and make sure to make a pitstop at each of these places around the world to truly create the “world’s best suit”!