Many traders compare Stocks vs Forex (หุ้น กับ forex, which is the term in Thai) to know which will be best for trading. Although, both are disconnected and are completely different. Traders determined that the forex market has different unique features that make the business more attractive.

You need to know which business style is best for you before you choose between them. However, knowing their differences and similarities help traders to create trading decisions based on trading conditions.

Let’s Take A Look Into The Differences Between Forex Vs Stocks

  • Exchange And OTC

Stock marketers are always treated on a stock exchange. New York Stock Exchange is one of the examples of a stock exchange that has specific benefits. With the help of it, traders get access to orders that keep a record of orders and sales.

This can be especially effective for traders that follow technical analysis. Trading on any exchange is considered to be much more secure.

Forex marketers are far different from stock marketers as there is no centralized exchange. Transactions are done individually between the buyer and the seller.

These types of transactions carry the risk of counter-default.

  • Cost Of Entry

Other major Stocks vs Forex difference is, Stock usually requires a lot more capital than what you need for forex trading. And that’s why forex looks like an easy way to enter the financial market.

Although it may seem simple, forex trading uses leverage, which is needed by small practitioners to increase their controlling unit when trading forex.

If the profits can be large, the losses can be so large that they can probably wipe out the invested capital.

  • Buying Currency

Now there is a big difference between stock and forex which is when you trade forex exchange, you buy one currency at a time and sell the other. You either buy the stock or you will see the stock.

With forex currency, currency pairs the material. You can see that speculation is created when you expect a currency to rise against other currencies.


If you still ask questions and are confused with stock vs forex trading, then it is up to you how you can tolerate the risk factors. You can’t find any definitive answer because there are benefits and also drawbacks to both of them. Besides, you need to think about what your goals are if you want to invest in stock or forex trading.

By Richard