Earning money is sure-shot difficult, but knowing where to put that money is an art that not everyone can master. Who knows this better than the billionaire tycoon Tej Kohli himself?

Now one of the richest men in Europe didn’t have it all coming. He didn’t swing his magic wand to stand where he is today. He had to work for it. He had to walk, he had to stumble, he had to fall, and then had to get up again. After all, life isn’t about giving up, it’s about losing it all, pausing for a while before you can start from scratch again.

The world knows it, Tej Kohli is a billionaire who made his fortune by making a series of investments. But the world doesn’t know that these investments did go wrong before they went right. It was in the prime of his life that made some poor choices when wanting to grow his fortune but ended up losing everything. He doesn’t call it his failure but an experience that he knows wasn’t glitter and rainbows but something that shaped him into the man he is today.

“I rebuilt myself into a big success, and I’m determined to use that success to help rebuild others too,” he says.

For him, experiences are not solely meant to be experienced, but they are meant to be shared so the world can have its own takeaways and lead in the right direction.

The inspiration and the courage to be back on his feet helped him get his life back together as he strived hard to build his empire by creating payment software and other online tools he commenced during the dot-com boom. A significant portion of his wealth attributes to the series of investments he made in real estate. In addition to that, several businesses and start-ups he acquired, worked on, and sold off, helped him yield exciting profits.

But buying and selling of businesses are not the only skills he possesses. He always had a knack for technology and investments. He has a lot of knowledge to impart today. The knowledge expands to a series of arenas, including AI, robotics, biotech, esports, and crypto to name a few.

He’s a philosopher, an intellectual, a sucker for sports, he’s many things. But the one thing that he has been most proud of, is his philanthropist side. His foundation, named after the legend himself, has made lives better. In addition to that, his brand-new initiative, together with Dr. Sanduk Ruit has earned him the praise of thousands. Mr. Tej Kohli and Dr. Randuk Ruit have set up a foundation with a mission to eradicate cataract blindness from the world. His endeavour began in 2021 with the poor suburbs of Nepal, where the foundation screened over 1,40,000 blind and cured 15,000 of them.

Tej Kohli says it’s a milestone, but it’s not the end. The journey is not ending anytime soon. Nepal was just a stopover, as they plan to head next to the poverty-stricken districts of third world countries such as Syria, India, Indonesia, Bhutan, Tanzania, Syria, and Lebanon. Its mission is to cure 5,00,000 unprivileged people of blindness by the end of 2025.

With a million dreams, and the most challenging, of changing lives, he has been ready as ever. Speaking of where he is today, he is living the life of his dreams, living with his family, including his supportive and loving wife, and two adorable children in his lavish home in Oxfordshire, a large county nestling in the South East London. Living a life full of peace, a life dedicated to helping others.

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