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This referral system works equally well in the area of ​​recruiting with candidate experience. As proof: according to the same study, 63% of candidates were more interested in buying products from a brand with which the candidate experience was good. Furthermore, 79% of candidates would be satisfied with a lower salary following a positive candidate experience. Based on these statistics the recruitment consultants can offer perfect solutions for recruitment to you.

When talents share their experience as candidates, it is the entire ecosystem of the company that can be affected, beyond the communication of the employer brand. The entire recruitment process is analyzed: response times, recruiters’ behavior, their flexibility in meeting talent requirements, etc. We understand the need to leave a positive memory to the profiles concerned. Because if developing the employer brand takes time, it is very easy and quick to manhandle it, in particular via digital media such as social networks or blogs. HR marketing avoids this type of “bad buzz” and preserves the employer brand Hrolf the company. We share with you some tips to optimize the candidate experience of your recruitment process to easily and quickly convert the best talent.

Adapt the distribution of your job offers to the behavior of candidates

Your job offers must be available on multiple supports and in different formats, in order to respond to the different behaviors of the candidates. More than 73% of young working people are looking for work from a mobile device according to a study conducted by the job search portal in 2018. It is therefore a question of making the career site responsive, i.e. adaptable to the support mobile to facilitate the application for these mobile users.

Don’t neglect social media recruiting

A study published by the website in 2018 shows that 41% of job seekers in France use social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or even Twitter for their job search. While they mainly use it to learn about companies and their e-reputation, certain professional social networks such as LinkedIn also offer the possibility of applying directly to the offers published on this platform by companies. It is therefore a distribution channel to be particularly looked after, in particular by promoting the employer brand. The more you disseminate information describing the life of the organization, the more the candidates can project themselves within it.

Simplify the recruitment process

Have you received several job applications? It is now a question of treating them and retaining the most relevant in the conversion funnel that constitutes your application process. According to a study carried out by Robert Walters, 30% of candidates end their application before the end of the recruitment process, deeming it too long, unsuitable for their constraints, etc. To preserve their motivation, reactivity and flexibility are essential.


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