Like a cry from the heart, nearly 90% of the team emphasized the importance of sound comfort. Indeed, for all, nothing more embarrassing than a continuous deafening noise, while one seeks to sleep for example. 60 dB would be the maximum level of noise tolerated. It corresponds to a normal conversation, or a window on the street, according to the decibel scale developed (information included in the information and prevention guide for the days of the hearing). With the climatiseur GNR you can have the best choices now.

SCDF Technibel air conditioner – the quietest

With the Technibel SCDF32 air conditioner, you stay cool in silence. Barely 34 dB in high speed for this efficient device!

A discreet and aesthetic air conditioner

At the modern age, we like discretion and the aesthetic too. Exit the bulky and heavy air conditioners! When some opt for fixed wall mounted air conditioners to be permanently installed, others will prefer a mobile air conditioner or a disconnectable. And if you are already in possession of an efficient air conditioner but too cumbersome, know that companies have specialized in the design of caches designs covering the air while leaving it refresh the room.

Finally, the other alternative proposed by Denis: ducted air conditioners recessed, appreciable for their discretion and efficiency.

Soloclim Frico air conditioner – the discreet

Frico’s soloclim is an easy-to-install and discreet device. It does not take up more space than a radiator and its simple and unadorned design allows it to integrate all interiors.

An effective air conditioner

Efficiency is reflected in many ways. For some people, like Daria, it is the ecological impact that counts: consumption must then be minimal. For others like David, Vincent or Nicolas, it’s good performance . Florian asks himself 2 questions: what is the energy / efficiency ratio? The price / duration of use of the equipment? As for the expert, the efficiency lies in an air conditioning that does not consume much but especially that is well sized compared to the / rooms to refresh. Knowing the area of space to be air conditioned is important and determines the choice of the power of the refreshing device.

Clim IRO13PLUS Technibel

Today in the living room, tomorrow in the room, with its power of 3500W in cold, you can refresh a room of about 30 m².

Air Conditioner X32 – the powerful

To be mounted on a wall, the remote controlled mono-split air conditioner can heat or cool according to the chosen program.

When we talk about efficiency, we also talk about maintenance, of course. On this subject, Sandrine wonders. Installing a fixed air conditioner is good but after? Is there an interview to plan? How often? How much does it cost? There are so many questions that must be asked before deciding for an air conditioning system. However, when you will make the choice, then it is for sure that you will find the best choices and that also within the budget that you will have now.