12 Most Important Features of Public Provident Fund (PPF)

A PPF ( Public provincial fund scheme) account is a popular account scheme that creates passive income for you in the long run. It is considered the long-term savings cum investment account where you get the interest on your deposited amount. 

The amount of interest is based upon the deposited amount. This interest will automatically be credited to your PPF account. To calculate the interest that you are earned on the PPF account, PPF calculators are used.

You will get great benefits by using the PPF calculator. In this article, you will learn about the PPF account and the PPF calculator. So read the full article to get the complete information. 

What is a PPF calculator?

PPF calculator is an online tool that is used to calculate the interest amount that you earned on the deposit money in your PPF account. It is more straightforward to use the PPF calculator online than do manual calculations. 

These calculation tools will give you mistake-free and error-free data that you can surely trust. There is a PPF calculator that works as the FD interest calculator and gives you many benefits. 

Things you keep in your mind if you are the PPF account holder

There are some things that you should keep in your mind as a PPF account holder. 

  • The interest that you are expected to get on the deposited money will only be generated at the end of the year.
  • This annual interest is known as compound interest, which means the amount will be compounded annually.
  • Even if you created the account originally at high interest, it might be the chance to change the interest anytime. It is based on government guidelines. 
  • As it is compound interest, the interest that you earn is likely to grow continuously. 

How to use the PPF calculator

For the PPF account holder, it is not hard to use the PPF calculator. There is the need to input some particular parameters if you want to use the PPF calculator. Consider the following parameters to understand a better way to the PPF calculator. 

Loan Tenure

Loan tenure of your account means the period of the ppf account. You can deposit the money anytime in the loan tenure. 

Deposit amount

The deposit amount is the amount of money that you select to deposit in the PPF account every year. The interest rate that you will get will depend on this amount. 

Interest rate 

The interest rate applicable on the PPF account is 7.1%. This interest rate is not fixed. It will fluctuate according to government guidelines. 


If you are a PPF account holder, you must use the PPF calculator. Now, it is time to say bye to the manual calculations and use the PPF calculator to calculate the genuine interest on the PPF accounts. It can save you massive time and make the calculations easier.

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