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Most hosting companies offer a backup service, but there are many other things that only WordPress hosting companies that are not only able to restore your site, but also ensure that everything runs smoothly. Managed hosting providers set up automatic backups that are executed when your website is updated. In this way, if something goes wrong, such as a malfunctioning update or a hardware failure on the server, the hosting company can quickly restore the website from the backup without losing any content.    

With multiple options for your WordPress backups, you save a lot of time because you don’t have to deal with backup plugins like Cpanel, FTP, PHPMyAdmin etc.    

It is true that when you create a website with Framework, you need to secure your hosting. However, a reliable WP hosting provider will install proper server-level security mechanisms to violate the security of your WordPress site. Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario and this includes backing up your WordPress site.    

If you use WordPress and plan to use it on your website, you should invest in a web host that is made specifically for WordPress. A web hosting service that offers WordPress is an option to build your website on a cheap shared host or a powerful dedicated server. A hosting solution tailored to WordPress sites is the best option for service, updates, performance and installation.    

Fastest WordPress hosting is provided by companies that use Nginx servers, Apache, latest caching technologies, global CDN, SSD, MariaDB systems and more to provide your WooCommerce blog or any type of WordPress site with top speed and performance. Make a selection of fastest WordPress hosting services for your site based on your traffic, several servers, location, speed, features, super cache, CDN integration, etc. You can also test the speed of your web pages to optimize them for you.    

Managed hosting offers you a powerful server environment that allows you to get the most from WordPress with a specialized team at your disposal to optimize your website. Managing managed hosting makes your website optimized for high performance, safe by regular backups and you can benefit from updates when they come. Managed hosting enables more traffic and offers more than just excellent stability for WordPress sites.    

Web hosting websites that share server space with other sites of this type do not have features such as automatic updates, access to plug-ins and themes, mouse-click installation, etc.    

One of the advantages of working with a WordPress managed hosting provider is that they offer an easy way to create staging and development versions of your site and move data between them and the production site. If you have several websites of your own or those of your customers, you can manage them all from the same location. You can host your website on WordPress even on an optimized server of a hosting company and do not have to worry about compatibility with a comprehensive range of installed things.    

It means that the hosting provider takes an active part in the daily operations of the website in terms of performance, security, updates, etc. The provider also takes care of a lot of things that are not below WordPress-related options, so the experience is much more rational.    

A WordPress managed web host manages security, speed, core updates, daily backups, scalability and availability of your site in short order. 

DreamHost offers both managed hosting and VPS hosting for WordPress sites, depending on what you need. A free WordPress hosting service called WebHost offers outstanding features and language options to host a secure functioning website. If you want a different type of website, choosing a premium hosting plan will give you better results.    

Some people are confused about what hosting options are available for their WordPress site or blog. If you start a WordPress website on a Web Host, this post will focus on the provider that offers fastest WordPress hosting. As we have already mentioned, most web hosts offer WordPress options to create your site. The engine is a fully developed platform full of exclusive tools that will help you to take your WordPress site to the next level.    

This is one of the most reliable providers of the industry with customers such as Disney, Booking, Garmin and many other international companies. While the prices for WP Engine are somewhat higher compared to other managed host providers, they appreciate the support of the WordPress Expert Team, fast loading times and secure servers.    

If you want to run a medium-sized blog or website, SiteGround is ideal. They have good availability and global traffic, are known for outstanding customer support and are one of the three hosts recommended by the creators of WordPress. Siteground is also one of the few hosts recommended by in addition to offering multiple WordPress managed plans that are perfect for all budgets.   

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