9 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Business

As a real estate agent, you must be accessible and have a comprehensive marketing plan since customers expect quick, accurate information. What is the most effective marketing plan for real estate brokers? Is there a single marketing approach that works for all real estate agents? The growth marketing agency experts have discovered no single method for digital marketing for real estate. However, there are some areas where every real estate agent should focus more while developing their marketing plan. With so many businesses in the market, how should your strategy stand out from the competition to attract potential customers to your sales funnel? Making a plan work for you is the goal—not coming up with a new one. These four marketing techniques can help you differentiate yourself from the competition as per the growth marketing agency experts.

Build your blog

An excellent place to start with your marketing strategy is a website as per the basic rules of digital marketing for real estate. But it would be best if you offered more than simply local listings. A blog is an efficient approach to giving your audience valuable content if you want to grow your impact in your niche. The most important thing has high-quality content, so make sure it’s about real estate, your clients, and your area. To help supply readers with various mediums, employ video material and post significant social media embeds within the content.

Develop email campaigns

You can establish direct contact with your potential clients through email advertising or digital marketing for real estate. You may directly provide material to folks who want it. It might be anything, such as blog entries that are frequently read or listings. Remember, segmenting your email contacts list is vital in sending pertinent information to people who desire it, as per the growth marketing agency experts.

Social media is your friend.

Going where the people are is what marketing is all about, and social media is a great place to do that. For various reasons in the real estate market, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are all sites worth visiting. Pay attention to them when distributing your content because they enable users to view photos, gather inspiration, and ask questions.

Build your brand & become part of the community

It would be best if you built your brand to be distinctive in the real estate market. This entails interacting with the locals, getting to know the neighborhood and its neighbors, and establishing yourself as the “go-to” person. As you show yourself as a leader in your community, more people will come to you for guidance. So, what steps should real estate agents take to develop their brand? Websites, content, and social media are essential, but you should keep your brand consistent throughout these channels. According to the growth marketing agency experts, you should consider each marketing channel a branch from a tree, each with a distinct function that all emerged from the same parent tree.

Keep your brand recognizable by:

  • Using the same header picture on all channels
  • Keep the same fonts and colors across all media, including print and digital,
  • Maintain the same voice tone

How to measure the success of your marketing strategy?

Analytics is the data that reveals the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It could refer to the number of likes or shares on social media. The overall number of click-throughs your email campaign generated can serve as a proxy for it. Monitoring the analytics is the key to determining the effectiveness of your marketing approach, as per the experts of digital marketing for real estate.

Does your marketing strategy matter?

Your marketing plan is essential because it attracts potential customers, allowing you to lead them to the desired outcome—purchasing or selling their property. You will need to develop your brand or spend money on lead-generation services to attract new clients. While these services may be beneficial, you should still concentrate on growing your brand so that your clients feel comfortable referring you to others.


Put your chosen marketing plan into practice once you’ve determined what works best for you. Create an email list of high quality first, and then concentrate on developing email campaigns that will provide them with the information they require. Sales and other crucial company indicators like MRR, ARR, churn, revenue per subscription, etc., can all be improved with the help of growth plans created by our team of specialists.

The growth marketing agency experts at Voxturr concentrate on unconventional, creative solutions that are pertinent today, as consumers depend more than ever on internet shopping. Our social media marketing techniques are designed to spread word of mouth. By creating engaging tales for social media platforms, we engage the audience. In turn, this increases brand recognition. We make organic and paid promotional plans that provide the best ROI based on the strengths of each platform.

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