Hong Kong is regarded as an international city and one of the most mature financial centers in the world ever since many years ago. People from all over the world come in to and go out of HK on a very high frequency. Let’s examine a few types of reasons people enter Hong Kong.

  • Working for a company
  • Entrepreneurs setting up businesses
  • Family members accompanying to Hong Kong
  • Short term business trip
  • Foreign students studying in Hong Kong

Working for a company

Many international companies have set up branch offices and/or head offices in HK, to absorb the many advantages (i.e. tax system, legal system, international financial status, etc) that are available to international businesses. These businesses may require adding international/foreign professionals to their staffs. These professionals before entering to work in HK, they will have to apply for work visas.

Entrepreneurs setting up businesses

Foreigners who are entrepreneurs and/or startup owners and who are to set up their businesses in HK to make good use of the city’s advantages (i.e. tax system, legal system, international financial status, etc).

One important step when setting up a business is to incorporate. The entrepreneurs would mostly likely be using a reputable Hong Kong company registration service to help them get their officially and legally business incorporated and avoid all the possible hassles that may have happened. One of the most popular choices is to incorporate a limited company because of the limited liability and financial security. The company owner is only liable for the debt the company accrues and is not liable to any debt that goes beyond the level of his/her own investment into the company.

Family members accompanying to Hong Kong

When a person relocates to work in HK, or when a company owner moves to HK for his/her business, he/she may bring his/her family members including spouse (wife/husband) and/or unmarried children of age below 18. Such persons before entering HK, they will be required to apply for dependant visa.

Short term business trip

As an international city, many people need to enter HK for different business purposes. Applying for a visa for each visit may seem very time consuming. The one option is to apply for a Travel Pass. The Travel Pass Scheme is for suitable for people who frequently have to enter HK for business, and who have visited HK in 3 previous occasions in the past 12 months.

Foreign students studying in Hong Kong

Students are always people for the future of a city. HK does accept foreigners to study in HK schools and/or academic associations. Foreign students may apply to and be accepted by recognized Hong Kong universities, private schools and local schools. Before going to attend his/her classes in HK, the students must apply for student visas.

By Richard