Whatever size of business you have in Charlotte, you will still need to deal with a third party logistics and distribution provider because it is of big help in managing and organizing products. We all know that this is very important, especially when it comes to warehousing as well as proper distribution, which are essential elements of business. That’s why, you have to make sure that you are working with a reliable provider in Charlotte for 3PL with a good reputation and that has been in the industry for decades.

Actually, you will surely find the best services with years of experience, popularity in this field, existing facilities and quality of their operations. They should be able to offer you a customized warehousing and distribution services that are tailored to your needs to also satisfy your consumers. Extending your company’s operation through third party logistics is, indeed, a right choice when it comes to supply management because this involves storage, transportation and delivery of your products.

Keep in mind that logistics are very important to a business that has something to do with supplies and inventory because they are the ones, who will distribute the products from one warehouse to another. They have to be very careful in handling every pack, box, bottle or container, since it must not reduce the quality or should not be damaged due to storage and during the transport. With this being said, it only means that you have to know well, who to trust and it must be the ones with good qualities.

Transportation Hub

A 3PL will choose a location that is close to the highways, railroads, airports and shipping docks. Remember that these providers will need to make a fast delivery service. Therefore, it is a must to be near these transportation hubs.

Time is very important in business because the products must maintain its good quality. Now, if the warehousing facility is in a remote area or far from the main roads or transportation hubs, then fast delivery is impossible and product quality will be reduced. Learn more about how 3PL’s are benefited at https://www.fingent.com/blog/how-transportation-management-systems-benefit-third-party-logistics-3pl-service-providers.


It is vital to only work and deal with experienced companies because they already know the ins and outs as well as the flaws in the industry. Through their experiences in the past, they could be in any situation and can face various settings without causing trouble. With such logistic providers, things can be managed fast. 

You do not even need to set them on trial because they are already experts and veterans in the field. There is nothing that they cannot overcome, since they have already prepared for every single issue that may arise.

IT and Communication Services

With the most advanced technology today, sending and receiving information will be very fast. Communication is not also a problem because transmission is available. Due to this, logistics can easily track orders and deliveries as well as returned products.

Through communication, they are able to provide better customer and technical support. Clients will appreciate it when they can receive such quality services from their provider.

Branches and Network

Since this 3PL company had been serving the public for decades, by now you should have established branches and networks in different cities or states. When you have local or global connections, it would be easier to transport supplies. 

Even those with small business right now has to think of their future, so you should have chosen a 3PL with a wide range of network. This company has numerous shipping and distribution centers. With their network, you won’t need to spend more for your shipping.

Reliability of Carriers

Not all third party logistic companies have purchased their own carriers. They may not have a company ship or plane to export and distribute products, but they will surely have reliable partners to continue the journey from any point of origin. Find out more on logistics and the freight distribution for more information.

Freight carriers should not be a problem the moment you selected a provider. This means that they should clearly list down carriers, which are known to have a good reputation, too. Without this, then it won’t be easy to tell that your supplies will be reaching the destination safely. I supposed, these providers must be open to suggestions, so that they will know, if you prefer other carriers.

By Richard