What role does teacher training online platforms play in the professional growth of teachers? In a word…everything. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, only 22% of teachers feel adequately prepared to enter the classroom. This is a major concern, especially when workplace factors are considered such as working long hours and lack of administrative support. Teachers, who may need more than just new techniques, are finding that access to on-the-job training and continuing education programs provide them with much-needed relief from work stressors.

Teacher training online has become an important part of a teacher’s professional growth. Next to workshops, it is one of the most frequently used teacher training methods. This is why there have been quite a several platforms that have sprouted in this line. Since there are now many such platforms, research to aid our decision-making becomes imperative. The purpose of this study is to identify and describe teacher training online platforms and the roles they play in the professional growth of teachers.

In the last decades, there has been a continuous increase in online platforms for teacher training. Although this is nothing new, for some time now these platforms are gaining more and more importance. Teacher training online platforms can be characterized as E-Learning tools that help teachers to improve their professional growth. They offer a wide range of features, like the ability of students and teachers to communicate through the platform, the option to receive additional material, videos recorded by other teachers, or high-quality course planners. Moreover, academic institutions are using these platforms not only for teacher training courses but also for innovative forms of continuing education. In general, it seems obvious that teacher training online platforms are here to stay and there is no way back.

Teacher training online platforms are expanding the teaching landscape, bringing the world into classrooms, and helping teachers re-imagine their practice. Explore the structure of a teacher training online platform, including its connecting elements and how they influence participants’ professional growth. With the growth of technology, teachers have access to a plethora of training options. How do you know what’s legitimate and what’s worth your time? Here are five things to consider when it comes to teacher training online platforms. The more teacher training online opportunities a teacher takes part in, the more likely they are to feel well-prepared to take on the challenges of the classroom.

Teacher training online is a fairly new concept, but the statistics on its success are noticeable. Of course, this means that it’s gaining popularity at a fast pace. If you are a teacher, then you probably already know the importance of association and how important it is to be familiar with what the goings-on in your particular field of work is. As such, you’d find that other teachers would be crucial to this. Teacher training online is seen by some educators as a way to enhance their professional growth. Educators can take courses outside of the formal school system and learn different teaching skills that they can bring back to their classrooms. These include engaging in lesson planning for advanced students, learning about new technology, and developing simple classroom routines to oversee some aspects of the classroom without too much exertion or effort.

The open nature of the internet makes it helpful in the process of teacher training. Online resources put at teachers’ fingertips allow them to choose from a wide range of three-dimensional videos, simulations, and animations for them to learn about various topics that are relevant to their profession. The abundance of content enables them to obtain first-hand information on new teaching methods, as well as update their knowledge on issues currently being discussed in educational circles. An online teacher training program is the way to go for many teachers. It offers flexibility, convenience, and affordability. It is not easy to find a specialist who can give you all three, which is why we created eLearning. Our online training gives you access to an extensive library of videos, articles, and blogs from educational experts. You also get personal attention from our qualified instructors.

Teachers play a crucial role in preparing students for the future, by teaching them the necessary life skills that will allow for independent living and job success. To achieve this, teachers must use specific strategies and resources that help their students achieve mastery over the material they are being taught. Teacher training online still holds a significant role in the professional growth of teachers and what they can improve on. In this article, you will find out everything that you need to know about teacher training online platforms. This includes why you should use them and how they are different from other online teaching resources.

Teacher training online platforms play an important role in the professional growth of today’s teachers. These platforms provide many tools that can aid teachers in building their professional knowledge and teaching strategies. While these resources are available for free in most cases, the time invested in identifying the best online resources or reading forum posts requires a significant investment of time. Online teacher training platforms are a resource for teachers to explore topics relevant to their teaching practice. These platforms can be used in the classroom but also at home to achieve total refresher and continuing education. The use of teacher training online platforms supports the professional growth of teachers worldwide.

Unna and Pratt (2013) explain that teacher training is critical for P-12 teachers to improve their practice and previous research has identified professional development as a critical factor in improving teacher quality (Finn, 2010). These online platforms provide access to teacher training via the web, allowing teachers to train at times convenient to them. Yet, even with this abundance of resources and training tools, education remains a complex and overwhelming task. Teacher training online platforms represent one resource that engages users through educational content, professional training, and research-based practices to advance teachers’ practices in the classroom.

Today, technology-powered platforms are providing teacher training online. Everything ranging from the English language to physics and biology is now available on the internet for teachers who want to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. There are currently several reputable teacher training online platforms that provide innovative resources for teachers to engage in professional adevelopment. These tools can be used to complement in-person training and professional development activities, as well as act as stand-alone activities. A teacher education framework is also provided here.

The role that the internet has to play in teacher training cannot be overstated. It has been said that there is a village for every teacher online and that teachers can learn from one another wherever they are, whenever they wish to learn using online platforms which enable collaboration between them. This type of collaboration is what the newest entrant into the sector of online teacher training hopes to harness, by making training trendy, interactive, and comprehensive. Teacher training on the web has several benefits and drawbacks. As such, teachers should be aware of the criteria and requirements for online teacher professional development programs. This paper provides researchers with a summary of the available literature about teacher training online. The overview is geared towards informing teacher training policy questions about quality assurance and program evaluation.

It will be the first of its kind worldwide: an English-language, open-access, and fully online teacher training portal. Its goals are twofold: to support ongoing professional development, and to research the emergence of new pedagogies around distance learning in China. Teachers, especially those teaching online, benefit from professional development. There are many resources online that can provide the training and skill-building needed to facilitate meaningful classroom discussion and learning, develop effective lesson plans, create engaging and instructive videos, and more.

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