If you’re stuck navigating the complex environment of Facebook advertising, worry no more. There are plenty of courses to guide you through the murky waters of CPM, ROAS, etc. A lot of these are paid training courses or videos but some are free to use and download as well. Let’s have a look at some of the best corso Facebook ads below.

From Facebook

Probably a good place to start, Facebook themselves offer numerous courses through their Facebook Blueprint service that teach you about the different aspects of their advertising program. 

Their subdivisions include beginner/intermediate levels with “Get started with advertising”, Targeting the right audience, Increase Online Sales. They also provide lessons on ad formats and creatives. 

Managing and measuring ads is a huge part of the process, so these get their own subdivisions too, with 10+ courses in each.

From PowerCBO

PowerCBO shines in problem-solving your most pressing issues in corso Facebook ads. If you find that your ad costs have inexplicably increased, if Facebook keeps disapproving your ads, if you have increased your budget but are not seeing returns then PowerCBO is the right place to go. 

Their USP is using psychology to drive their analysis, and they will teach you to do the same. This can help target issues such as ad fatigue, diminishing audience, whether to duplicate a campaign or not, what strategies to use once a higher budget is available.

From Udemy

The most popular courses are probably on Udemy, there is one from CourseEnvy. It has helped over 175k students learn about Lead Generation Ads, Remarketing/Retargeting Ads, Dynamic Ads (for eCommerce), Instagram Advertising, ads in Facebook Messenger along with topics like pixel management, reporting and overview of social media marketing. 

Another interesting one on Udemy is the highly rated one on FB advertising and Digital Marketing showing you how to create website conversion ads, improve your ad copy, build lookalike audiences and many other technical aspects of starting and managing ads on the platform. 

It’s good because it shows how to stand out on Facebook amongst all the noise and others advertising in your space. This short but intense course with good reviews teaches about the important stuff like audiences, ROI, click through rates that other courses don’t explain well.

From Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning

Both of these have short sharp courses (around an hour or so) to get your head around specific topics that you might wish to brush up on. LinkedIn is perfect for beginners to learn how to set up and how the various tools work. Skillshare runs a monthly subscription model that allows you to access a variety of courses, with the first month free. 

They have an impressive array of Facebook Marketing courses including Instagram Ads, designing Facebook ads, creating high engagement Facebook groups and even courses on how to grow organically on the social media platform. Some of the intermediate courses will have prerequisite courses, so this platform is really for all levels.

By Richard