Why More Traffic is Not More Success

Many people hire the best SEO services in India and expect to have hundreds and thousands of traffic on their websites. But would heavy traffic on your site do any favour for your business? 

We have listed the major reasons why more traffic is damaging your business.

Users are not getting what they are looking for

Imagine a visitor is looking for a precise query. Your website is ranking highly for that specific query, and they click a result that directs them to a page of your website.

 Nevertheless, the page they reached doesn’t match the information they were looking for, and they instantly leave.

This is not a negative experience for the searchers because the result doesn’t meet their intent.

We understand Google algorithm keeps on changing and improving as well. All of this is done by Google to enhance users’ search experience and match the intent of the user’s query, but it’s not 100% perfect.

If a user is looking for something and comes to your website, it will generate more traffic, but then they will quickly leave the site because your content is not what they were expecting. This leads to a higher bounce rate, lower time-on-site metrics, etc. 

These things send a negative signal to Google’s algorithm, defining that your website result isn’t compatible with the query or intent.

Your Content Strategy is badly executed or non-existent

Would you throw a party if every room in your house is messy?

Or, would you call your friends to your place if you don’t have drinks and food.  

In the same way, if you try to lure traffic to your site without optimizing it, people will not stick around.

If you don’t have a precise content strategy or publish low-quality content, users will not stick around for a long time.

In case you have a website that takes forever to load or is not mobile-friendly, users will not stick around either.

This is crucial for Google that they are introducing the Page Experience update to better measure how well individual webpage could serve the requirements of organic search visitors. You can also rely on the best SEO company in Ahmedabad for building a powerful content strategy.

Conversions come first, then more traffic

In the above two sections were just basic. It’s time to dig deeper into the debate.

So let’s discuss which one is more important – more traffic or more organic conversion?

Here are numerous different facts that can be made on both sides of the coin.

If you ask me, I would rather appeal 100,000 visitors to my site and have 50% of the conversion rate than 200,000 visitors and have 25% converts.

The major objective of an SEO strategy is not just to entice more traffic.

If we stop there, we might eliminate one of the crucial aspects of SEO: to determine more ROI (Return On Investment) for a business.

In case you are witnessing an increase in traffic, but the traffic is not enhancing the conversion rate, you are not achieving the best possible organic results. 

Non-Human or Bot Traffic

You need to pay attention to traffic sources & channels in Google Analytics.

If this traffic is not genuine and especially not from humans, but spambots, a hike in traffic would not be a positive crusade. 

Almost 37% of the website activities are created by bots, and less than half of this non-human activity is legit.

Bot traffic is a kind of traffic that illegitimate traffic sent on your site that twists and expands traffic data.

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