A business needs to maintain its protocols if they want no trouble with the law or other authorities. The most straightforward rules implied to employees are enforced in the workplace, so order and a systemic process are maintained. Some mandate policies that offices have are policies about cleanliness and the workplace. 

On the other hand, there are laws that your office administration should follow to continue your operations. For instance, your company must comply with the different government policies like having a license and getting taxed. Your company also has to practice ethical business practices and follow national and international labor laws. 

Now that we are suffering from a global pandemic, one of the measures that companies should follow is letting their employees work from home. If you work from home and transact with other people, you should monitor phone calls and archive text messages. State laws mandate even recording and archiving. All employees must comply with this work-from-home policy as archived calls can be used for later transactions. If you want to know what these laws are, you can read this TeleMessage infographic

By Richard