Every start-up needs a creative team to help them at some point in their professional career – often during key inflation points such as up-levelling into a new market, key inflation points, etc. Studios, freelancers, and agencies can be more than an extra pair of hands. They can serve as the best strategy through partners who can help you create work that is core to your brand. 

However, since many companies are beginning to hire these people for the jobs, it is difficult to find competent workers in a sea of creative vendors. So how do you get the early conversations, screen candidates, and create a great impression to ensure an exemplary structure of partnerships to produce the best work possible?

Fortunately, we have prepared a guide to help you figure out the best ways to hire creative personnel for your company – giving you long-lasting and fruitful relationships with people who can bring your visions to life. 

Know What You Need 

The first thing to know is to understand your project better. Take stock of your needs, your in-house resources, and how you would like to collaborate in your workflow. You will also need to consider your budget and what kind of partner you need, such as whether you want someone to help you with strategy development, creative direction, or lay the foundation of your company’s identity. You also need to consider whether they are the people you want to work with in the future. 

Selecting a Creative Partner 

Good partners and investors cultivate relationships with freelancers and studios as they can help with the creative direction, scoping and design feedback throughout the process. 

So, start your research by asking for referrals from investors, colleagues, studios you have worked with, or any online groups you belong to. You can also send a creative brief of your work and send it along for reference to ensure that you have included all critical pieces of information about the kind of service you want. 

However, since so much work goes into finding the right people, many business people settle for less competent freelancers than they want to. Fortunately, some companies can make this process easier and get you the best individual for your brand needs. 

Bunny Studio is a renowned project fulfilment platform that works to provide end-to-end creative services to the top 4% of professionals all over the globe. The company delivers audio ads, voiceovers, video, and writing, including graphic design services and more in more than 100 languages and accents. The best part about them is that there is no freelancer coordination required. This means more in-house bandwidth to tackle other, more critical tasks in your business operations. And with a database of more than 13,000 pre-vetted professionals, Bunny Studios has a policy for a money-back guarantee with 24/7 support and average 12-hour turnaround times. 

Furthermore, they also have an all-in-one monthly subscription plan that covers over 100 services, including infographic design, illustrations, and animation.

The company serves many clients, including start-ups, government agencies, bloggers, marketers, universities, publishers, artists, and others. Their projects are completed through three different methods: Speedy, Booking, and Contest. 

The patent Speedy technology matches clients with freelancers based on the nature of the project brief. Then after going through a series of auditions, you can book specific freelancers you want to work with. When freelancers pass the quality control standards, they are admitted to the platform as Bunny Pros and offer creative services to clients through the platform while maintaining a professional and long-lasting relationship.

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