Every business startup needs to become adept at asking for funding. Funds from outside sources are the beginning of nearly every business not started by a previously wealthy individual. This process can be difficult, however. There are no certainties involved in either the pitch or the business itself. Instead, an individual needs to be careful and resilient while they make an expansive pitch for more funds.

Be resilient

Business startups will most likely hear “no” when they are asking for funds thousands of times. They will hear how impractical their business ideas are and how they will be unable to meet their goals. These comments are simply part of the business world. They are not a factor that should discourage any new entrepreneur. Instead, entrepreneurs should have a plan for hearing no. They need to be able to modify their pitches and their greater approaches to funding requests. Modifications will allow an entrepreneur to perhaps move away from ineffective pitches and details and towards those details that will result in more funding sources.

Seek alternative funds

Business startups should quickly work outside of the traditional funding structure. They should start by looking at banks, equity investors and credit unions. But these sources will not always prefer the most funds at the best possible terms. As a result, startups should also pivot to individual investors and online funding sources early on. Companies should evaluate their funding sources on their solvency and the ability to continue doing business in the future. They should not worry heavily on whether or not a company is a traditional funding source for new businesses. An online company that helps startups may mean the difference between success or failure for a potential new startup in practically any field.

Be conservative

Business startups or individuals looking for self employed loans should always act in a conservative manner when attempting to acquire funding. They should request the funds they will need to meet their goals and pay off their expenses. While companies need to sell an expansive vision to bring in investors, that vision needs to be within the realm of possibility for a company to meet. An initial round of funding is helpful for any business. But if that business is able to pay off its initial investors with interest, there is a greater chance that they will receive an even larger amount of funds the next time that they make any sort of request. Conservative funding requests also increase the chances that an individual will be able to pay off their loans and avoid insolvency.


Companies that are able to receive funding from a wide variety of sources are not guaranteed success. Even the most outwardly successful companies sometimes fail due to factors entirely outside of the owners’ control. However, increasing funding sources increases the ability that a company will be able to withstand the inevitable growing pains from their early months and years in business. Resiliency, a wide approach, and conservative funding requests greatly increase the chances that a company will eventually pay off its investors and become successful.

By Richard