The line between the real world and the virtual world keeps getting blurred by the day. Right from everyday essentials to luxury items like jewelry and even high-value loans can all be obtained online these days. However, many investors are wary of online mutual funds and apps that allow their sale and purchase even today. The fear can particularly linger in the minds of the comparatively older generations who are still not acclimated to the internet. However, online mutual fund investment apps are absolutely safe. In fact, they can offer many benefits along with convenience, as explained below:

  1. They are easy to use: Online investment apps let you manage your investments on your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. The registration process is also quick and straightforward. Moreover, the user interface is rather customer friendly. You can sign up with e-KYC and start investing right away. You can also align goals with your investments and track your progress. 
  2. They are safe: Investing in online mutual funds through apps is entirely safe. Online investment apps are designed keeping in mind your (the investor’s) needs and safety. A lot of these apps are registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and are constantly monitored and reviewed by the organization for any inconsistencies or foul play.  Your money is not stored in the app but gets invested in the fund house directly. So, you have very little to worry about. 
  3. They offer expert advice: Not only do investment apps offer a platform for buying and selling mutual funds, but they also offer a platform where you can connect with experts and get their advice on financial matters. Most apps have a separate section for financial advice that you can leverage to boost your portfolio’s returns or diversify your investments. Some Fintech companies also send newsletters on the latest events like IPO launches, stock market fluctuations, mutual fund returns, and more to keep you up to date.   
  4. They offer handpicked recommendations: Online investment apps offer you handpicked suggestions for mutual funds based on your goals and risk appetite. They review the best-performing funds and recommend them to you to help maximize your returns. These apps may also ask you to take a survey when you join the platform and accordingly recommend SIP options. 
  5. They offer additional services: Apart from online mutual funds, these apps also offer additional products, such as insurance and loans. This makes it easy to manage all your money in one place.

To sum it up

Online investment apps can be very beneficial for investors. They simplify things, help you save time, and offer security. However, it is important to use only verified and certified apps to ensure that you have a good experience. So, go ahead and start investing in online mutual funds with Tata Capital Moneyfy app without any fear!

By Richard