The process of taking a photo has come a long way since its inception. However, if we simplify it to the maximum for its explanation, we can say that a photo is produced thanks to light capture and using the lightroom app like in we can edit it. All cameras have a light-sensitive component. In the old cameras, it was the film, and in the modern ones, it is the sensor. This sensitive element is the one that captures the light to form the image.

The amount of light required to form an image is another determining factor in taking a photograph.

The cameras have an exposure meter, which is the tool that measures the light reflected by the scene or object to be photographed, which gives information on how much light the photosensitive element will need to receive.

When taking a photo, the camera shutter opens, allowing light to pass through. At that moment, it will be received by the sensor, and that is where the image or photo will be “formed.”

Applications for your business

Dropbox – It is a secure storage solution with which you can easily save and share files. It is ideal when you work in a team or want quick access to essential documents online.

Evernote is a simple tool that allows you to capture, record, and share all your ideas on any device.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp – An ideal email marketing solution to start sending newsletters and communications to a group of people. It can also be used to capture the email of those interested in your business and, in the future, send them emails that may be of interest to them.

Image Optimization

Photoshop and Lightroom. If you already use them in your workflow, optimizing them for the web or the different print formats may be an excellent option.

RIOT – Free software to reduce images in weight and size.

Tinypng. There are also online tools that do similar work. In this case, TinyPng is one of the best-known websites for this purpose.

As you can see, many tools, software, and applications can make your life as a photographer easier.

These are some of the main ones you can start with. Depending on your priorities, you will get more out of some than others; the vital thing begins with knowing them and giving them a chance to start.

By Richard