The coronavirus pandemic has spread worldwide and has changed everything. Right from the way we work to the way weshop, even to the way we bank, our ‘new normal’ is beginning and it’s very different that used to be.

While some of us are settling down with it and opting for digital banking options, many still visit the nearest bank for their regular banking services. Conversely, since the whole world is in lockdown,most of the banks are encouraging their customers to go digital and open bank account online.

If you are unable to decide whether to go for mobile and online banking, here are some benefits which prove online banking experience will be worth it.

24/7 access to your bank account:

One of the most important benefits of online account opening is that you have  access to your bank account, round the clock. Through this feature, you can complete almost all the major banking activities such as balance checking, fund transfer, and online EMI or bill payment.You will also get extensive customer support through phone and internet support services that most banks offer.

Online Bill Payment:

Another benefit of opting for the online bank account is that, you can pay your bills cashless and from the comfort of your home. You might have been used to writing cheques to pay bills but, it will take only a few seconds to pay a bill through your bank account online. Most bank websites and official apps allow online recharge and bill payment directly through your bank account. No need to add money in the e-wallet. Also, you can easily keep track of your spending and savings.

Faster and easier processing:

Do you need to transfer money to your friend or apply for a loan amid the lockdown?With the online bank account, you won’t have to wait for the bank branch to open. Just log into your official banking app or website and access all the online services available from transferring funds, applying for a new loan or requesting a credit card. Most banks are also offering home cash delivery services as well during the lockdown.

Before the lockdown, most people were unsure of trying digital banking but the coronavirus pandemic has left us with no other way to bank. Now, many people have opted to open bank account online and use other banking features through the online medium. With better convenience and faster services, there’s no doubt that online banking will be part of our post-lockdownlife.

By Richard