Banks and other finance organizations keep on coming up with latest and innovative plans for their business. Money lending is one of the biggest areas of business for such institutions in Singapore. There are a lot of different types of loans even for unusual needs. The various financial organizations provide such plans of money lending Singapore.

The following are some loans that you can avail for different needs.

  • Foreigner loans

These are just personal loans that foreigners can avail while they are in a foreign nation. Personal loans cannot be availed by foreigners hence companies have come up with this plan to counter the needs. People can avail loan from banks in cases of emergency without having to keep a valuable security against it.

  • Renovation loans

This is a great plan for providing funds to customers who need it to fix-up or renovate their homes. These loans are a type of short term loan under which an organization provides you with funds that you can use to fix up your home. These loans are great in cases of emergency and are frequently availed by the customers.

  • Furniture loans

Banking organizations nowadays provide short loans for things like buying furniture as well. These loans have flexible interest rate and can be repaid in easy installments. These loans are also used in cases of an emergency breaking of furniture. These loans are generally availed for 2-3 months depending on the total cost of the furniture and the organization.

  • Payday Loans

Payday loans are already quite popular across the world. Under this form of credit, a person can take the equivalent of his pay from a bank in case they need funds. They will have to return it back when they get their payment and the interest depends on the number of days since the loan has been cleared. These are great in emergencies as they are easy to avail as well.

By Richard