Despite the current crisis, many people flock to the real estate market. This is after mortgage interest rates continue to be at an all-time low. Now, buyers are fighting over the limited supply of properties for sale. But even if you can find the best mortgage lender to approve your home loan, there is still a need to keep your guard up. The last thing you want is to have a bad experience in purchasing your new home.

Buyers often make mistakes when house-hunting, applying for a mortgage and sealing the home purchase. With the pandemic still present, you want to maintain your health and still be able to achieve your home-buying goals. If there are three things real estate experts want you to keep in mind, these will include avoiding the following slip-ups.

Not Knowing What to Expect

If you already have experience buying houses, it is easy to see what’s new when finding, viewing, and closing a home purchase. Virtually everything can be done online from the moment you look for funding, to house hunting, property viewing, document signing, and deal closing. Knowing what to expect will give you a better idea of how to navigate home buying in the pandemic world.

When looking for houses online, you need to invest time and effort in looking through listings and viewing each house for sale. Visit websites and use apps to look for properties sold online. Expect virtual tours, live-streamed viewings, and phone calls with your real estate investor.

During a private inspection, be sure to observe social distancing. Wear your mask and expect the home seller and real estate agent to do the same. Check local Covid-9 rules before attending a property viewing to make sure you’re not violating any health and safety protocol.

Forgoing Home Inspection

Many buyers decided to skip the home inspection. This is especially true for those who are buying a property that already received numerous bids. Some do this when they feel like the property they are buying already looks like it is in a good condition.

Saying yes to a house without having it inspected can lead to future regrets. Your seller may be honest enough to tell you the current issues they encounter inside the house. But only a home inspection can tell the exact condition of the house.

You will find it hard to sue the seller if they gave you their honest rundown of home issues only to find there are extensive problems that are brewing. Before you buy, invest in home inspection. If you can’t be present in time for the inspection, ask the home inspector to record the inspection and provide you with the details after.

Skipping a Real-life Visit before Buying

If some people are skipping a home inspection, some are buying without seeing the property in real life. Technology makes property viewing in real-time possible and allows buyers to also their questions to their agent and the seller. But this can never replace the fact that it makes perfect sense to check the house in person before investing.

You want to make sure the house has all your non-negotiables and can actually meet your needs. It also needs to be an excellent and safe neighborhood. If you only rely on the video property tool, it is impossible to get to know the property first. This can make you regret the purchase.

As much as possible, check the property yourself by visiting it in real life. If it is impossible for you to do so, let your real estate agent visit the property on your behalf. Ask all your questions while he gives you a walkthrough of the property.

Now is a crucial time to decide between investing in a property or not. You may find your dream home and get a better mortgage rate during the pandemic. But that does not mean you should already be reckless when buying a property. Don’t commit these three grave mistakes or be ready to face the costly consequences afterwards.

By Richard