Newly formed businesses face many challenges in the early days. As a small startup, you face heavy competition from existing companies in your industry. So, you have to find ways to try and compete with the minimal resources you have. 

Consequently, storage units have become a smart tool for many newly formed businesses. They’re affecting the way companies get off the ground, and it can help build a platform that leads to success. 

Bearing that in mind, we’re going to show you how small startups are making use of self-storage units to help get ahead of the competition: 

Making a small business bigger

The clear issue for small businesses is just that, they’re small! You don’t have the money to invest in resources like more prominent companies, so you’re restricted in what you can do. 

Storage units can solve this issue by making a small business that little bit bigger. It provides a company with extra space – but without needing to pay through the nose for it. This extra space can be used to store the products a startup hopes to sell. But, by having more space, you can theoretically have higher stock levels. 

A problem for new businesses is that they can’t keep up with demand. They may only be able to keep a handful of products in supply, and they sell out quickly. With storage units, this isn’t as big of an issue. From day one, startups can accommodate more stock, making more sales. 

Temporary working solution

A smart way to save money while starting a business is to reduce the amount of money you pay on working space. For example, instead of renting an office, you work from home. Unfortunately, not everyone can work from home. You may not have the ideal working environment or the space you require. 

So, storage units in Wimbledon can be used as a place of work. You can create your own work area in your unit, and run your business from there. As this happens, you start making money, which helps you save up for a more permanent workplace in the future. But, the affordability of the storage unit means you don’t overstretch your budget early on – which is a crucial problem amongst startups, leading to early closures. 

Storage for equipment, materials, etc. 

Of course, newly formed businesses can use storage units to hold lots of equipment, materials, and so on. As a business is being set up, you may get your hands on equipment or things you need to run the company. The problem is that you might not have an office or workplace yet! 

In a situation like this, startup owners can use storage units to safely store all their things until they find a place to call home. Then, when the office or workplace is set up and ready to move in to, you can transfer the items. 

It’s evident that newly formed businesses can be positively affected by storage units. So, if you own a startup, and want to give yourself a boost, then renting a storage unit could be a genius idea. 

By Richard