It is well known that the soldering fumes can be very poisonous and cause adverse health issues. Using equipment like solder fume extractor scan protect you from the harmful fumes that are emitted while soldering. Lead-free soldering process can lead to the production of up to 250 more particles in the respiratory area than the soldering done by the now-banned lead solder. This has a huge issue on the lungs of the soldering serviceman.

Prolonged contact with these fumes can cause permanent damage to your body and therefore is a significant reason for asthma in the workplace; it can also lead to diseases like cancer. Studies have shown that nearly 20% of all workmen who work in the soldering industry leads to symptoms of clinical asthma.

How to protect from solder fumes?

For soldering hobbyists, a small, simple solder fume extractor consisting of a table fan and an activated carbon filter will be enough to purify the air.

For professional solder users, an advanced solder fume extractor can be used to protect from solder fumes. This will have a suction turbine and intake sockets, which will suck the air and from the soldering station and thereby remove it and purify them.


Proper ventilation is also a useful and effective method to control the exhaust of solder fumes from collecting in your work station. Make sure that the solid chemical particles and fumes can wave out of the workstation with proper ventilation.


Make sure that the storage of toxic substances used for soldering is safely and securely stored in the appropriate places. Keep a regular check on the containers you store them in and also ensure that there are no leaks or breakages. Ensure that the containers are tightly closed and concealed.


Make sure that all the toxic components are disposed of properly with adequate precautionary measures taken. Incorrect disposal could prove to be hazardous to the people who come in contact with the substance such as garbage collectors, plumbers, etc. Their health is also in your hands, so make sure that you properly dispose of the toxic substances in order to prevent further damage to the environment.

Conclusion: The soldering fumes are hazardous to one’s health, and it is essential that a person installs a solder fume extractorso as to protect themselves from the harmful solder fumes and have a much safer work environment.

By Richard