Smart bots have been on the internet for a long period of time but the quality was very low. No one was paying attention to a random text that appeared and usually offered something. Nowadays, there are programs run by artificial intelligence that you can’t recognize is it a real person or a computer. The tech industry gave us numerous ways to do marketing and you need to follow these trends because people are getting used to them quickly.

More than half of the people that use messenger are more likely to get in contact with a business that they can message directly. If you had people doing this, you would lose a lot of money on employees. The programs are improving constantly as they interact with the customer so you are gaining a lot with getting it once. Also, most of them gather data you can use for conversion.

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Improved Customer Service

 Conversion can be improved in many ways and the first one is by improving your customer support. Chat bots are constantly working and your customers will be satisfied when they get an immediate response. It can be annoying to wait for 24h for an answer that is answered in one sentence. If your competition doesn’t have it, customers will notice that and appreciate the better service. FAQs are actually used a lot and it’s the fastest way to find an answer and it is the part of the chat bot.

If the answers you provide are high-quality and the customer gets every piece of information they need, they will most likely stick to your business and make a purchase. People don’t like to wait and if someone doesn’t respond quickly, they will for sure move to someone else. You also want to get a bot to request information from customers that you will later use. Click here to read more.

Brand Awareness

Another way to boost conversion is to let people that you target know what you do. When you see that a person has some interesting by visiting your page, you need to make a move and present yourself the best way possible. Your visitors might just look around but still, they somehow got there and can be a potential customer. You need to do research about sales funnel in order to understand the process.

You might contact them with a greeting message but there is a better option which includes providing a menu at the bottom for your Messenger where they can ask questions to get more information about what you do. Another way is to inform people that already have a conversation with you about the current events and updates. This may include an interesting project that your company is working on.

What Should a Message Include?

The number one mistake companies make is to place a lot of text in the messages. Also, people might not answer the first message but still, the bot shouldn’t send more than three without a reply. It shouldn’t look like an email, it needs to be conversational. Emojis are another way to make it look more natural. It can be a more fun experience for the customer and it seems friendlier.

In order to make it feel like they are talking to a real person, there needs to be small breaks between messages. Even if it is a program that can give a straight answer and your customer wants a fast answer, by only having a break like someone is typing will do the trick. GIFs or images may also be included but it will depend on what type of business you are doing. The goal is to gain more trust so having an unsubscribe option is important because otherwise, people may talk negatively about your company because they are receiving unwanted messages.


If you have a base of subscribers you can easily do remarketing with a chat bot. Because they can send out anything that you can send in a message, you can place new ads that will draw attention back to your brand. When you are doing remarketing, it shouldn’t be very sales-oriented instead, you can let them know about new products or services you provide.

Broadcasts are a way to give information to your customers about changes in your business that will be useful to them. You can also include a blog post that will make them visit your website where they can find additional information. Too much information is bad, so still, the conversation should be the main focus. For example, asking questions about new products can be a good way to start.

Direct Them Where You Want

When you get their attention, you will need to have a plan for how to direct them to the website to purchase a product or service. If they are interested in a product then the message should sound like an offer instead of forcing someone to buy it. The chat bot needs to be high-quality which is easily recognizable.

You don’t need to tell the customer directly that they need to visit your product page it can go through a post with information about the product. The post should make them more interested in buying. Make sure that everything is set well on the website and in sync with the bot. If the link that bot displays doesn’t work, the customer won’t visit your page again.

By Richard