The world is moving ahead at a fast pace. Today we need money for almost everything and the rates only seem to increase. Having a huge salary or multiple streams of income has become necessary. You do not know what may happen in the next moments and where you would need to pay a lump sum of money. The pandemic was an eyeopener for many people when it came to their personal finance. Such hard times taught us that having a source of extra cash at hand or a source from where you can borrow money anytime is very important. When it comes to borrowing money from someone else, all of us must have faced a situation where either you asked for some money from your friend or your friend was the one borrowing money from you, in both instances, it would’ve been super awkward between the both of you. Sometimes even your close ones can’t help you. In such situations who do you turn to? Where can you borrow money at low-interest rates without getting awkward and on top of that, urgently? It may seem a given but taking out a loan in such cases will help you overcome such situations. But not just any loans, we recommend taking out quick loans available online via instant loan apps.

Imagine you are in a dire need of money and looking for an urgent loan but with low-interest rates. Going to a bank just to take out a loan is outdated now considering the convenience of the digital ways of the same. When the whole process of taking out a loan, start to finish, takes place online, and that too in a matter of a few minutes, why would you opt for an offline loan? Today’s smart way suggests ways that are easy, safe, and fast. In this case, using instant online loan apps for your urgent capital needs is the best option. What makes these apps more secure is the fact that the loans are approved by NBFCs/banks registered with the RBI. The online loan apps offer low interest loans compared to the traditional ones.  As the whole process is online, you can finish registering yourself in just a few minutes and take out a loan instantly. The loan amount is transferred to your given bank account which you can pay back depending on your tenure. Some of the popular loan apps include KreditBee and Kissht. Both the apps provide loans to salaried Indian residents above 21 years of age. However, KreditBee offers loans up to 2 lakh rupees while Kissht only offers up to 1 lakh rupees.

Remember to read the conditions carefully before applying for a loan and to pay back the loan before the tenure ends. APRs, Processing fees, onboarding fees, and EMI are some of the points you should pay attention to before applying for an online loan through these apps. You can choose from different types of loans available on the apps.

By Richard