There are still plenty of office jobs going, but today we are increasingly seeing people working as mobile office workers, and of course the number of freelancers working from their laptop and travelling has increased. On top of this, the need for office staff to travel overseas or to other parts of the country has increased. All of these workers literally could not survive without their laptop and in effect their laptop is their office in a bag.

In this blog we are going to look at how laptop workers can turn their laptop into not just a work machine that is safe and secure, but also a mini entertainment system. 

  1. Buy Decent Speakers and Wireless Headphones

Sound is important for music and movie lovers alike. On top of this, the quality of that sound is also important. Luckily to today there are a multitude of Bluetooth speakers available that are lightweight, small, and easily packed into a laptop rucksack. Wireless headphones are great for those time travelling on a plane of train and you want to watch a movie while speaker are perfect for when you are staying in your hotel room – with multiple mini Bluetooth speakers you can in fact set up your own surround sound system.

  1. Buy VPN Software with Decent Bandwidth

VPN software is perfect for those that travel abroad. The reason is because VPNs unblock country and geo-restrictions. For example, if you watch Netflix, you will want to access the version of Netflix relative to the country you are from. However, without a VPN you will only be able to watch the Netflix catalogue in the local country you are visiting. Other reasons VPNs are great is because some countries block social media, but with a VPN you can zoom in to your home country and bypass any restrictions. 

The secondary reason for using a VPN is for those times when you need to access your financial accounts. You definitely do not want to access these accounts using a router that you do not trust. The VPN is perfect for this because it will screen your connection with encrypted tunnels, so if there is a hacker on the internet router that you accessing the internet from, he or she would not be able to see any of the data flowing out of your laptop. 

  1. Use the Online Version Of Your Cable or Satellite TV

Nearly every cable broadcaster offers access to your account online. When you have access to your account, this also means you have access to the movies and sports channels while online. You never have to miss any of your favorite shows or have to put up with mediocre hotel TV channels because you will have your home cable. However, not all of these services will allow you to connect via your laptop and instead you may need an app. In this case, all you need is a Chrome cast to connect. 

You can easily watch sky go abroad from your laptop or mobile device using the Sky go app, which gives you access to all the Sky channels you are subscribed to. This means you can watch sky go outside UK without being affected by any geo-location bans. 

These are all must have pieces of software that you should install in your laptop in order to make sure that you have an entertainment system while on the move that can bring all the pleasures of home anywhere you travel. 

By Richard