Modern women have broken the confines of their homes and made a mark in the world. No matter what sphere it is, you see them leading in the forefront. Despite this progress; you find them sadly lagging in the department of their health and purchasing health insurance.

Even though men and women have a common set of health problems, there are many health problems that are unique to females like breast cancer, polycystic ovaries, female sexual arousal disorder, etc. Women also carry a higher health risk for which they are charged a higher premium. But going by statistics; less than 30 percent of women have their Individual Health Policy. Most of them are covered under the policy of their father or husband. Here, we throw light on a few compelling reasons as to why every woman should have a separate policy for themselves.

  • Sedentary lifestyle and carelessness about self-health

Indian women are conditioned to take care of their home and family. In a bid to please their family and keep them comfortable; the first thing she sacrifices is her needs and health. Taking care of herself is the last thing in her priority list. Be it eating healthy and nutritious food or exercising regularly to keep fit; she never has time to devote to her health and wellbeing. Consequently, she develops a greater set of health problems at a younger age compared to males. Given this; it is imperative that an individual health plan for women must be purchased.

  • Rising medical costs

Women have better longevity than men. But they also carry a higher risk of health problems. In India, the majority of females suffer from diseases like endometriosis, osteoporosis with pathological fracture, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc. Unfortunately, these diseases affect women of all ages though its severity increases with age. Given the rising medical costs and rampant widespread of diseases amongst women; it is essential for every woman to procure a separate health policy for themselves.

  • Maternity benefits

If there is something highly significant in a woman’s life, it is the event of childbirth. But today, the cost of childbirth is skyrocketing. Given the health conditions and the ease; Caesarian birth has become the norm against normal delivery. The ratio stands at 65:35. Because of this; the maternity expense has shot up.

In India, Maternity benefit is not available as an exclusive insurance product but is available as an added benefit. Moreover, it is available only after you have purchased and renewed your health policy for three to six years. Hence, it has become all the more essential for every woman to purchase a separate health policy as early as possible for themselves.

  • Investment opportunities and mental security

Today, insurance plans give you an eclectic combination of security cover and investment opportunity. Thus, your premium paid builds a financial corpus for you as well. It can prove a huge boon for a woman given the fact that she is the worst sufferer in case of any type of family disaster. She is often dependent on her husband as still, a majority of females in India are homemakers. Thus, if any family crisis falls like a divorce, the sudden death of the bread earner of the family or any other crisis; she has to bear its brunt and take over the responsibility. While the emotional trauma cannot be relieved, it can be eased to a great degree if the financial aspect is well taken care of.

Given the higher rampant of diseases amongst women and rising medical costs; health insurance for women proves beneficial as she is then able to receive the best and the latest of medical care without any financial stress.

  • Availability of female-oriented health plans

Given the high need and importance of health plan for women, there are several companies like HDFC, TATA, Bajaj Alliance, etc. that have launched health plans specifically launched for women. These keep both their health and financial needs in mind and are tailored to adequately meet their needs. Taking advantage of these women-centric plans at an early age keeps any woman secure and well-taken care of.

Wrapping up

A woman holds a special place in our lives who plays a multipurpose role in our lives. She is also more vulnerable to diseases and health issues. Hence, we cannot skip on not purchasing a health insurance plan for her and ensuring she leads a healthy life.