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Cryptocurrency has been in the market since 2009. It revolutionized the way of the transaction of digital money. After commencement of cryptocurrency there is a great interest in the market to invest because it offers you some very cool features which are worth to invest on. Today there is a heated competition of cryptocurrency as new tokens are introduced every day. Cryptocurrency is a blockchain program which is encrypted by some encryption function which makes it secure from hackers. Every currency has its platform such as Waves has its own Waves platform exchange. These currencies are decentralized all over the world. So, there is no control over cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency work on the shoulders of crypto miners. Cryptominers are the people who let the transaction to work. It means that every purchase is passed through these miners, and they have the power to make it work or not. Transferring of currency is nothing but changing the name of fields on the blocks, which allows us to have a transaction. Cryptocurrency works on the key model for owning or receiving. It means whenever we hold a block or say a token from the exchange. If we want to have Bitcoin, we will use the bitcoin exchange, or if we’re going to have Waves, we will use Waves platform exchange.

After owning the token, you get two keys these keys are public key and private key. When a person wants to send you a token, he will enter the public key, and you could access it through your private key.

Now why we should invest in cryptocurrency: –

  • Great future: – Great Businessman or magazines have forecasted that future is for cryptocurrency owners. Every year since the introduction token’s price has been just doubled by the end of the year. In simpler words, the owners of cryptocurrency are only getting richer day by day.
  • For Anyone: – If you are worrying that you wouldn’t be able to buy cryptocurrencies wort of thousands you don’t have to. Crypto or tokens are divisible into smaller cryptos. Which makes it available for everyone. So start investing without caring about your budget.
  • Low Knowledge: – When cryptocurrency was introduced, to invest, you should have some programming knowledge. But it is not the case anymore because now we have simpler wallets and easy-to-use software’s around the market. So, this point simplifies that you do not require prior knowledge of programming.
  • Flexibility: – Crypto’s are of high liquidity; it means that when you want to sell the assets you can with ease and market of cryptocurrency is open for 24/7 not like traditional stock markets.
  • Security: – Due to the key model. You have private and public keys. This model secures the transaction. So you can have trust in the digital transfer of currencies.

So now we know that investing in cryptocurrency can provide us with an excellent opportunity to grow. Everything starts with buying it from the exchange or if you want to invest in Waves in Waves platform exchange. It cannot have issues like shortage of money or security.

By Richard