Maintaining fitness is only possible through exercising on daily basis. What about Ramadan? This month, we observe fasting so it seems difficult to maintain the normal workout and fitness routine. However, this is not true because Muslims around the world fast while performing daily activities. presents iHerb Promo Code to the Muslims who like to maintain the health and fitness during Ramadan. According to the Dr. Muslima Zaidi, it is not hard to exercise even if you are fasting. He explains the possibilities for people who don’t like to compromise on health and fitness in any case.

 Exercise in the Morning:

According to Dr. Zaidi, exercise in Ramadan is simple. “We have to change the workout routine according to new schedule. Now we are fasting so we have to see the peak timings. For example, no one would be able to run or pick loads before the sunset while fasting. However, everyone can do light exercises in morning when we have plenty of hydration in body.

Use of the Right Supplements:

The supplements, diets or meals have a prominent role in making your fitness. Never use the ingredients that promote thirst. In contrast, you can use the supplements that hold water for longer. For example, the protein shakes are well-suited in Ramadan routine. Get the iherb Promo Code from and order the best protein shakes for a healthy lifestyle.

Never Compromise On Sleep:

It is easy to understand that you have to wake up early in the morning before the sunrise for Sehri. All the Muslims follow this routine in this month. This may create lack of sleep. You should find alternate timings for sleeping. For example, try to sleep early in the night. On the other hand, you can sleep in the noon for a few hours. The basic goal is to maintain a sleep cycle of at least 8 hours.

Never Overeat:

In some cases, people drink more water before the Sehri and afetr Iftaar. It is obvious that fasting in the hot months is very challenging. Everyone knows that dehydration occurs commonly when someone don’t drink water for a longer duration. This condition is common but there are practices to manage it. For example, washing your face and hands can hydrate the skin. Take a bath and it will provide cooling sensation to your body. After the Iftaar dinner, prepare a glass of protein shake and use iherb Promo Code if you don’t have this supplement at home.

Stay in the Shade:

Avoid the exposure to sunlight. Remember, sunlight is detrimental for body especially when it faces dehydration. Most of us experience lip drying during the Ramadan. It is due to the heat factor. Your body is facing intensive dehydration. Going in sunlight would be a health risk. Luckily, there are lockdowns nowadays so there is less chance of unnecessary movement. Consider the health and fitness facilities such as iHerb store in Qatar to buy the best quality supplements, diets and meals for a prosperous lifestyle.

By Richard