Every year Seoul conducts its wintertime shopping festival, which attracts a lot of tourists. The 2020 theme is “Inviting you to the Korea Grand Sale.” which will offer a great package of Korean culture-inspired events. It is in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Korean tourist shopping festival. The New year’s festival or the Korea Grand Sale 2020 will run from January 16 to February 29, and this Stratford Management Inc review business in Seoul Korea.

Activities During the Annual Winter Time Shopping Festival

According to the Visit Korea Committee, it will be a unique annual winter shopping festival, which is a surprisingly comprehensive gift package with thousand of South Korean service providers and retailers joining the said event.

Here are the anticipated activities during the Korean shopping festival:

  • Special admissions to K-pop programs, like the TV show K-pop channel Mnet yearly “M Countdown” and the Seoul Music Awards. Korean pop is never sleeping and is proven to be one of the best international music themes in the world.
  • Beauty classes which feature the world-famous Korean regimes by beauty companies. Korea is known for its effective beauty products, as evident on glowing Korean skin displayed on ads and possessed by famous Korean celebrities.
  • Amazing cuisine tours which involve Korean cafes and restaurants across the country. Expect Korean cuisines to be showcased in the heart of the city during the festival, taking pride with the authentic local cuisines.
  • Firms like Stratford Management Inc review business in Seoul Korea and they are excited about the Korean heritage assets special programs.

Most Awaited Discounts

Major tourist routes in South Korea have plenty of participating companies that will provide up to 50 percent off discounts on food, goods, accommodations, transportation, amusement park tickets, and museums for foreign tourists. The great deals and discounts are one in a year, so many tourists will surely flock in Seoul to take advantage of these offers.

Here are the most awaited discounts during the 2020 Korean shopping festival:

  • Eight Korean air carriers will provide up to 95 percent discount on 100 flight routes (including Asiana Airlines and Korean Air) to major South Korean cities.
  • Discounted land transportation services available for tourists, so many people will enjoy the cross-cut prices of flight and land fares for a more enjoyable Korean festival experience.
  • Hotel accommodations are expensive in Korea, but tourists can avail of great discounts during the festival. About 300 hotels in South Korea will join the celebration and will be providing up to 80 percent discount on hotel accommodations.

Expected Sales

The Stratford Management Inc review business in Seoul Korea expected combined sales from the yearly wintertime tourism festival would rise. In 2019, the sales amounted to 1.25 trillion won or US$1.07 billion, which surpassed the one trillion won threshold in the tourism festival’s 10th year history for the first time. That’s why more significant efforts are being made to make another milestone in Korean’s tourism industry.


With the Korea Grand Sale 2020, the tourism industry will attract more tourists, providing feel-good shopping experiences. Also, opportunities are given for tourists to try and experience different cultural shows that Korea is famous for.